Welcome to my CLEAN flat!

Ok..yep..I’ve skipped the last two days of tri training..why? Because I am exhausted.

That’s right I am DOWN RIGHT tired.

I twittered about that this morning and frankly everyone said, listen to your body.

So I listened. I am exhausted. I have been blogging too much, I have been un-organising my life, leaving dirty dishes out and frankly wasting time.


When I feel like my life is a bit off-kilter I clean baby. Welcome to my flat in Oz!


The ‘living room’ area. The cover on the couch is from Timor, and the carpet is from India.


My kitchen…yeah that’s right…dishes. Then the striped thing is my shower, which is next to my kitchen. Ha. Then the picture-hanging thing was hand-made from India.


My bed which is next to my shower. I live in a wall-less flat.

Which is now clean.

You know what else makes me happy and not feel like my life is falling off the axis? Decaf Long Blacks (Americanos). I actually thought about getting a Soy Cap..but said to myself ‘are you hungry?’ nope. Long Black it was.


Drinking this disgusting detox drink has enabled my gut to heal itself..so that keeps me world twirling like a top.


Yeah I realised after I took that picture that I had my headphones in. However, I was cleaning my house and making it sparkly while sipping this nasty drink and listening to Chris Brown. I felt momentarily guilty for listening to him..then started dancing around.

What also keeps me going is food. Yummy, wholesome, good food. Behold: 5 oz chicken breast w/ sautéed veggies and 1/2 c. of polenta w/ a splash of rice milk. My guts love this.


The last thing that will help me sleep tonight is to announce that MELANIE was the winner of the Enjoy.The.Journey Giveaway.

How do you keep your life from falling off the axis?


10 thoughts on “Welcome to my CLEAN flat!

  1. missyrayn says:

    Yeah I finally found someone else who cleans like I do!

    I was sick this week and I cleaned to realign things. It just gives me a sense of accomplishment. And music makes it so much better. I clean on thing until the song goes off and then move to the next.

  2. modernation says:

    Cute flat! I notice that my house, bedroom etc will totally reflect my life. If life is crazy and out of control, the house goes to sh*t. I try to get things in order by making lists and crossing them off makes me feel in control. Glad you are resting – you deserve it!

    • Mish says:

      That is exactly how I feel. Cleaning and oragnising where I live, gives me the ability to kick it up a notch in my own life. I am glad someone feels me on this.

    • Mish says:

      Hey there..thanks for stopping by. Yeah I love it..but only six more weeks and then I move. I crave the day when I own a house.

  3. healthy ashley says:

    You are so right- you definitely have to listen to your body! In the long run that is what counts!

    I can’t get over how adorable (and clean!) your flat is! I love it!!

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