Wait..what have you been up to woman?

I have been scheming for Vegan 4 A Week


I made a twice baked butternut squash for my trainer/friend Chris. Inspired by Heather @ HangryPants recipe for twice baked acorn squash. OH MY GOD..so good.

It had the guts of the butternut squash w/ chicken, rice, spinach, zuch, onion, EVOO. Chris’ had cheese on top..my tummy hates cheese.

I have been consuming Amazing Grass in oats and before workouts

P1013401I had written that amazing grass w/ water didn’t taste too nice. However, mixed with milk, rice milk in my instance, it was awesome.
with this packet in the oats

I have been trying to make my detox drink taste better by putting it into fun cups…it doesn’t help

Been celebrating co-workers birthday’s at my office w/ my friend Tom’s balloon shananigans.

Eating at Cafe 55..a staple w/ the creator of Love Freo. A blogging lunch!

Mine–look familiar?

Phil ordered the Lamb Curry..I’ve never had it. He said it was good.


I got this together and went for a swim tonight and it FELT AMAZING! It was 40 minutes. I got a new waterproof watch. I stopped and started between breaks. 40 solid minutes of 1.5km of swimming w/ drills.


That’s what I’ve been up to. I have to say that after writing this post, I am now taking my days, day by day. I have the tendency to sit down and lay out a ‘master plan’ to then rebel against it. If today is my last day, I want to make it as good as I can.

How did you make today a great day?




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