Thanksgiving for 100!

Hello there!

This was ‘Thanksgiving for 100 Day’! Yeah, that’s right 100! How do you get ready for Thanksgiving for 100?

A Green Monster: 1 c. rice milk, 1 Vega pkt, 1 banana, 3 c. spinach

1 detox drink (I drink these twice a day and if I don’t, my stomach gets angry at me)

Maybe a serve of Gluten/Dairy Free Cornbread slipped in.

When I was making this..Gluten and Dairy Free Corn Bread Stuffing–AMAZING!


The Thanksgiving dinner was to host the ‘End of Semester’ lunch for all of the study abroad and International/Domestic students who have lived on-campus for the past semester. Like these kids!

We have an opening and ending luncheon for all of the students. I currently look after the residences as well as the over 400 international students at a university in Australia. I love my job. Celebrating their semester, how much they’ve grown, etc. is amazing.

Here’s what it looks like when you feed 100 people. Everything EVERYTHING was homemade. Even the EIGHT pumpkin pies were from scratch–as in NO canned pumpkin. It’s 7.80 a can here.

This was my plate: 6 oz turkey, 1/2 c. of mashed potatoes w/ rice milk and vegan spread (YUMMY) and 1/2 c. of my homemade cornbread stuffing w/ corn.

I would have usually gone for seconds and stuffed myself. However, it doesn’t appeal to me anymore, not even lying. I just want to eat til I am satisfied and then stop. I did have about another 1/2 c. of the stuffing afterwards.

I then got my arse out on my bike for an afternoon ride and it was fab-u-lous! A sweat monster. (my race bibs behind me!)


The bike ride was awesome. I have this route which goes along the river where I live. It’s a bit hard coming back, especially today, because I was tired and I was biking into the wind. Great workout for the legs though.

Ok, I’ve gotta get studying for an exam tomorrow–every Monday šŸ˜¦ I may have let two of these slip in today..opps.

See you tomorrow for the BIG plan for Vegan 4 A Week! No more meat for this girl!

How do you survive buffets?



2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving for 100!

  1. Joanna says:

    You have the biggest heart ever! What a gift you’ve given these students. They are so lucky to have you in their lives.

    It’s easy for me to survive buffets since I don’t eat meat or a lot of white products like rice, potatoes, or bread. I fill my plate with salad typically and usually carry my own packets of salad dressing so I know what I’m eating. Because I’m a crazy eater like that! šŸ˜‰

  2. missyrayn says:

    I’m like you and over indulging doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t enjoy the stuffed feeling.

    I survey the entire buffet first and pick what I want and then go back. At the WF buffet I know the few things I always want and then add one or two little extras each time. I keep it the same size each time.

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