My Vegan Best ~Ashley

Good Morning Everyone–how is this Vegan Week Treating you? This morning I am so excited to have a guest post from the lovely Ashely @ HealthyAshley. She is one amazing women, just PRed in the 10km by 14 minutes. AND she’s converted to the land-of-the-Vegan. Here are some of her awesome tips and insights into her journey. LOVE IT!

Follow all of the going on’s here! See you later today for what I have been eating! ~M


My Vegan Best: Journey to Vegan ~Ashley

I always thought vegans were too extreme, that tree-hugging vegans only munched on carrots while depriving themselves of good things like ice cream and cheese.

Five months ago when my ongoing stomach problems got worse and my new just-happens-to-be-vegan friend Ryan ( suggested animal products might be irritating my insides, I gave the vegan diet a closer look. Ryan was the opposite of deprivation- she was healthy and glowing.

That day I gave up my beloved dairy (I had already been a vegetarian for nine years) to see if it made a difference. After two days without animal products my stomach problems were gone. I was more energetic and positive. The foodie part of me grew, too. Instead of throwing a handful on some eggs and calling it a meal I began to experiment with new foods and spices.

I also began to learn more about where the dairy I gave up came from. I think the conditions of poor factory-farm animals are enough to pass on eggs and milk-based products.

Also contrary to my previous beliefs, eating vegan does not have to be hard, time-consuming or expensive! A bag of dried beans with a few additions can make cheap meals for a week. Bulk quinoa is a cheap and tasty protein-rich grain. Even though I live with a carnivore, my switch to vegan was not hard.

Going vegan changed my life for the better. I feel my best; I’m exercising better, eating better and not supporting heinous factory farm practices. And don’t worry- I’m not deprived. Just check out my blog ( to see some of the vegan pizza and ice cream I indulge in on a regular basis.

Tips on Getting Started

– If you think a vegan diet might be right for you, I suggest going vegan for a month. See how you feel without animal products and how the diet fits in with your life.

– There are tons of vegan alternatives to just about everything if you’re worried about missing old favorites like yogurt, turkey or cheese. These products can get expensive but can offer a tasty path to your new diet.

– Check out the blogs of other vegans for meal ideas. I love Ryan ( and Lindsey (

If you don’t think the vegan diet is right for you, at least consider organic alternatives to your favorite dairy and meat products. Organic products are better for you, the animals and the environment.

~Ashley (

16 thoughts on “My Vegan Best ~Ashley

  1. sisrocks1996 says:

    I love her blog! And being vegan… You still can be an unhealthy vegan as evidence by my Annie Bunny eating today, but normally I’m more healthy then if I wasn’t vegan.

    • Mish says:

      I’s great. I honestly think that how she outlines it, makes the choice an easier one for everyone.

  2. healthy ashley says:

    Thanks for letting me share my thoughts! If you’re considering going vegan, I definitely suggest doing it for the day Thursday. See what it’s like with no commitment. 🙂

  3. Reluctant Blogger says:

    Yes, great post because I have to say that one thing that stopped me seriously trying it was the tree-hugging extreme image and yet Ashley sounds refreshingly normal.

    I will do the vegan day on Thursday and then I think in February I will give it a go for a month with an open mind. Even if I don’t go the whole hog in the end after the month, it will probably make me reconsider some of the things I eat.

  4. Sarah (from See Sarah Eat) says:

    I went vegan for the month of October and I am hooked! I now have zero stomach problems and my energy is insane, plus the food I am eating now is just so much more beautiful and delicious 🙂 Thanks Ashley for sharing your experience.

    • Mish says:

      Sarah I think that you’ve summed it up so well. I feel like I have SO much energy. My sugar swings aren’t intense–almost gone. I used to battle them all the time. I feel wholesome, light, refreshed. Even when I am stuffed on food, I don’t feel sick. Thanks so much for sharing this. It just keeps affirming my decision to host this week 🙂

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