Whip it all up in a Wok!

Hey there,

This is gonna be short, I need to get back into my tri training schedule which I have been neglecting due to my new MacBook and VeganWeek.

Dinner: in a wok I fried in Nuttulex (non-dairy/vegan spread) garlic, chili and tomatoes. Then added about 150g (4-5oz) of tofu. Then zucchini, mushrooms. Then 1 c. of steamed pumpkin and 1 c. of rice milk. Over white rice.

I only ate about 3/4 of this. It was too much.

I went out and had some tea with a friend and had a great conversation! It is so refreshing to have great conversations over fabulous tea. I even wore some of the stuff which I bought today.

So what’s been going on the-land-of-the-Vegan?

  • Katy’s first day of being vegan!!! (I am going to her hours..omg yummy)
  • Katy has Janel @ Dine,Dish,Delish guest posting about ‘Vegan Do’s and Don’ts
  • Tomorrow morning (my time/Tuesday night USA) I will be having Lindsey@SoundsEats and Ryan @GreensforGood guest posting about how to survive the holidays as a vegan—great post!
  • Vegan -4-A- Day & Vega giveaway –Thursday
  • A guest post from vegan triathlete (and super-hottie) Brendan Brazier This Thursday–on Katy’s Blog
  • Glo Bar giveaway starting Wednesday USA time..keep your eyes peeled
  • Twitter stalk MeKaty and #veganweek
  • Lost? Check our Vegan week tabs for me and katy

Ok, off to whittle my middle, before crashing in my bed. Thank you again for all of your support for the Vegan Week. Make sure to keep checking back in!

Have you ever had steamed pumpkin before?



4 thoughts on “Whip it all up in a Wok!

  1. eaternotarunner says:

    LOVE steamed pumpkin…your dinner looks awesome!

    I am giving away some fun vegan snacks at my blog if you are interested 😀

  2. sisrocks1996 says:

    I keep missing some of your posts I guess because of time difference! I haven’t tried steamed pumpkin I typically bake with it! I am loving being vegan!

    EEK yes I’m about to venture out in the rain for 3 miles of marathon training.

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