Food Coma–Japanese Style

I have to admit..that this morning..I was a bit down. It happens sometimes. I talked through it with a co-worker and I feel refreshed. Sometimes I get caught up on doing a whole bunch of things in my make sure that I am ‘good enough’ for OTHER people. I end up over-working/over-committing/under-exercising/under-sleeping myself.


After my post today about my first half of the day (tried a Blueberry POM–you must too)…I came home and wanted to shovel food in my face. So I had an apple and 2 tsp. of almond butter.

Almond butter is like crack. I have to eat in moderation. 🙂 I haven’t been keeping up with my tri training. In fact this morning I went to the gym, sat in the parking lot and left. WHO DOES THAT? I just haven’t gotten my head around it all. However, I’s because I am not taking care of me.

So..I whittled my middle. Can I just tell you that 10 minutes of doing something helps so much. It instantly lifted my mood. I then go ready and headed out to a Japanese restaurant with my friend Sarah called Tsunami.

(random guy—not my date)

I looked at their menu before and lo-and-behold they had sushi that read ‘vegan’ YES! It was my first outing, as a Vegan! So we ordered food. I got an entrée of light fried soft tofu w/ asparagus, green bean and sautéed eggplant with this yummy sauce.

We also shared a bowl of edamame…then my vegan sushi came out! OMG. AMAZING. I ate the whole damn thing.

We also shared this awesome plate of vegetables. I had asked previously if the vegetable platter was vegan. She had mentioned that the chef coated the veggies in flour–well I can’t eat gluten. So they created this little platter for me. The coolest part is that the rock is hot hot hot…and the veggies come out raw and they cook in front of you..HOW COOL!

We ate almost all of it. I was a stuffed Vegan–Vegan Food Coma–AWESOME!

The thing which I mentioned and Sarah and I discussed is that when you eat choose to eat fresh foods–vegan or not–you may ‘over do it’ but the result is not as painful as with processed food. I can honestly say that in the past three days–even though I have been going like a bat outa hell–I have so much energy. party to new John Mayer Song.

Well my lovelies..I need to dance my way into a sleep. But..first, things first

1. Enter the ‘Get Glo-Ing’ giveway here
2. Enter the ‘Empower’ giveaway on Katy’s blog here
3. Read through Angela’s AWESOME post about Vegan Baking tips–a
4. WATCH out for ‘Vegan -4-A- Day’ tomorrow–great giveaway from Vega
5. Follow us on twitter: me, katy, #veganweek
6. It’s all a guide to a treasure My map, Katy’s map do you feel about cooking things on rocks?


9 thoughts on “Food Coma–Japanese Style

  1. Katie says:

    Never knew it an option! But, what a green idea!

    Vegan sushi is one thing I want to try and haven’t yet. Too chicken.

    And that new John Mayer song ROOOOCKS.

  2. Anna says:

    I absolutely love your necklace!
    Way to find an alternative when you weren’t motivated for what you had planned – and please be assured, you aren’t the only one who will pull it together to “make herself” do something and just sit there – sometimes you have to switch it up to something that you want to do, that you yearn to do, to make it over that mental hurdle. Cause we deserve to listen to ourselves and be incredible 🙂
    Hope tomorrow brings you a great mental outlook.

  3. FitBunny says:

    There is a great restaurant in San Jose called Pepper Lunch where everything is cooked on hot rocks. It’s so much fun! Mmmmm…now I”m craving Pepper Lunch…and sushi. Looks like you’re having a lot of fun with Vegan 4 a Week.

  4. Katy says:

    What a gorgeous picture — you look so happy!

    Did you see the tempeh rolls I made last night? SO FREAKING GOOD and I told my co-workers I may never have regular sushi again.

  5. Mish says:

    The hot rock was awesome. For all off the non-vegans out there..they would serve steak, seafood, etc. on the rock and you would cook it to your liking.

    The necklace was something I bought when I was driving the americans down south–I can it a sanity gift 🙂

    @Katy….I did see the temphe rolls…and then I contemplated coming to your house so you could feed me.

  6. Katherine says:

    1) you’re adorable
    2) that dinner looks AMAZING!!! I’m always a fan of the asparagus sushi at my fave japanese place…vegan sushi can be awesome too!! And I think I spy one of my favorite sushi components – that inari wrapper on two of the pieces. If that really is inari, then I’m SUPER jealous!

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