VEGAN -4-A- DAY—Yeah, You, You & You!

Katy and I masterminded this crazy busy–Vegan Week–because we were intrigued, inspired, and wanted to explore the world of being a vegan.

I remember when my friend, Robert Cheeke, became a vegan in high school. We grew up in a farming community with meat at every meal. I used to think to myself ‘does he just eat apples?’

So…what do vegans eat? We are challenging…right here…around the world….


Wait! What does that mean?

  • Eat all meals -or- 1 meal on Thursday 19 November which is vegan

Remind me again..what is Vegan…

  • No animal meat
  • No animal products (eggs, butter, yogurt, milk, cheese)
  • ‘Nothing with a face, or made by a face’

Ok..that’s cool…but come on..really..why would I?

  • Challenge yourself to do something different–if even for one meal
  • Join in the fun-we have some pretty amazing bloggers who are going to be supporting us–so join the ranks
  • There’s loot in it..for those who enter! say?

  • The wonderful people at VEGA are giving away a gift pack of their Vegan friendly products to the winner of the ‘Vegan -4-A- Day’ contest

How does this work?

  • Blog about what you’ve eaten–either the whole day or the meal–
  • Link back to both EatingJourney and SillyTaterTot in your blog post (this post specfically if you’d like) stating your vegan meals are in support of ‘Vegan -4-A- Day’
  • Paste your blog link in the comment section of this blog
    • If you write three posts..then ‘comment’ three times
  • Oh wait…you can also paste your link at Katy’s ‘Vegan -4-A- Day’ post as well--double the pleasure double the fun…ok I’ll stop (katy’s will be up at 7ameastern time USA Thur.)
  • The contest will start on my blog at 7am my time Oz on Thursday and will end at Midnight eastern time USA on Thursday 19 November

So..are you in? You better be!!!! I will be compiling ALL of the links from the blog posts left in the comment section on my Vegan Week Tab so that you can be inspired.


Check out Katy’s Vegan -4-A- Day post here…so double time it! (posted a 7am eatern Thursday 19 Nov)
Enter for Angela’s GloBars: Glo-ing giveaway and Empower giveaway
Follow us on Twitter: Me, Katy, #veganweek

54 thoughts on “VEGAN -4-A- DAY—Yeah, You, You & You!

  1. John W. Zimmer says:

    I like boca burgers and veggies but still partake of dairy and turkey burgers.

    I think eventually no meat products will be the norm someday but that will have to be for my children to adpot. 🙂

  2. Megan says:

    I’ve already started posting vegan recipes on my blog! There are so many tasty options out there!

    Looking forward to Thursday starting here in the U.S.!

    P.S. I’m so excited about the VEGA giveaway! I’m reading Thrive right now!! 🙂

  3. sarah (ghost world) says:

    i will be participating!! i’m a total omnivore with no plans of putting labels or restrictions on my diet, but i do have have ethical qualms about the environmental and economic impact of meat-eating. so i figured . . . .why not! i linked to both of you in my post today (here) and will be photographing my eats all day to show tomorrow!

    i have a 20 mile run planned, so . . . there will be a lot of them. should be interesting!

    • Mish says:

      that sounds awesome that you’re doing it for the day AND a 20 mile run..can’t wait to read your posts! make sure to come back and link up.

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