I am currently understanding the term ‘I put them down early, so that I can have my time at night’.

I have been babysitting five kids–beautiful kids–tonight. I am exhausted to say the least. This week has been totally crazy with all of the Vegan stuff going on. Can I just say that I am BLOWN away by how many people participated in the Vegan -4-A- Day..here’s the list. There are so YUMMY recipes out there!

Check out Katy’s post on losing weight and being Vegan–interesting read.

I brought my own dinner to babysitting. It was interesting because the two youngest wanted to try everything in my salad. It got me thinking ‘you could feed your kids organic, vegan food if you wanted to’. Kinda like MamaPea!

My dinner: Left over pizza (no almond butter this time) w/ a salad and roasted chickpeas from the other night.

One orange

1 tb of Peanut butter, 2 TB of raisins, 1 TB sunflower seeds–unpictured.

In the midst of baby sitting (I am spending the night) I get out of the shower and into the guest room and look up and almost die because I see this. A FREAKING Huntsmas Spider.

I could actually see it’s jaws/fangs moving. I called in the three older kids and the little boy freaked out and was armed with the fly spray–good on him for trying. The eldest girl went and go the biggest tupperware container she could find.

I stared at it. It’s fangs moved in anticipation of biting me..and I knew that I had woman man up to te challenge of catching the damn thing. So I climbed on a computer chair and trapped it into the tupperware container.

Then I screamed..a lot. Look at it.

The poor kids. It was interesting babysitting. As I get older–ha ha ha–the drive to have children sparks at weird times. I am not ready for kids, but I look forward to hopefully having them one day.

Call me spiderwoman…

Are you afraid of spiders?



7 thoughts on “SpiderWoman

  1. Nicole says:

    Ahhhhhh! That would have freaking me out too! It’s a good thing they aren’t poisonous! I’m not really afraid of spiders unless they catch me off guard like when I’m getting out of the shower. 🙂 I did pick up the tarantulas in our backyard in Tucson when we used to live there though!

  2. missyrayn says:

    I’m with you on the Mama Pea concept. My cousins ate every healthy thing I put in front of them. The only eating out we did was one time at SUBWAY. We had fun food like pizza too…just not the crap take out kind.

    I’m deathly afraid of spiders. (TMI ALERT!!) I was bit by a poisonous one at age 5 and my parents had to squeeze the puss out of it twice a day until it healed. And the medication for it was nasty. No I am super duper scared of them.

  3. oatmeal says:

    Holy crap spider! Good job for being brave enough to approach it! I think my blood pressure just went through the roof :p

    This vegan 4 a day thing sounds interesting! I might have to unofficially give it a try sometime

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