Vegan Food on a Plane

How do you ‘get over the pond’ on your ‘bird’? FOOD.

As this is the final day Vegan 4-A- Week I thought that I would eat vegan the whole way home. All airplane, airport food: Faces Free! In order to get myself sorted, last week I called Qantas and requested a Vegan Meal. It was a bit of an ordeal because I am on a no gluten diet and they couldn’t guarantee that the vegan meal would be gluten-free. What to do? STICK TO IT! So Vegan I went!

4am oats on the way there (worst bowl of ‘oats’ I’ve had all week) ½ c. rice flakes, ½ c. canned peaches, 1 TB almond butter

Brekky on the plane (contained wheat)

I ate the fruit, muffin (had sugar) and the bean side thingy (pretty sure it had sugar) and one bite of the potato thing. YUMMY. Veggie potato cake—I think that I am going to make one at some point. Oh and the orange juice.

Then I was starving when I got to Sydney. I had about ¾ of the $8.50 fruit salad.

This was my lunch (contained wheat)

To be honest I was hungry and I ate everything there..even this roll..which has gluten in it. It was a rice pilaf w/ an eggplant lentil get-up. Salad w/ a honey dressing. I had about 1 tsp of the dressing all up. I dip my fork in the dressing than pick up the lettuce. I also had a cup of coffee w/ a splash of soy milk and a cup of peppermint tea. I had a about 5 dried apricots (from the snack pack pictured below because everything else my tummy hates) and 1 apple (unpictured).

Breakfast—does it look familiar? This time I ate everything.

After eating this I could feel the gluten and sugar reacting in my body. Not a fun experience all the time. I just had a tummy ache. I then thought to myself ‘it was good that I went Vegan, but for my health it may not have been worth it’

I got hungry before heading on my last plane ride so I got vegan sushi (avocado/cucumber) and a huge apple.

So I am home. I have spent 29 hours flying from Australia to Oregon. I have cried a few tears knowing that my body has held me together enough to get the longest and most amazing hug from my grandmother.

I will post tomorrow about my thoughts on Vegan Week and tell you the fun things that I bought tonight since I can get the stuff in AMERICA.

Katy’s husband, Lucas, wrote about going Vegan 4-A- Week…what a trooper.

Did you think that I was going to make it the whole week?



16 thoughts on “Vegan Food on a Plane

  1. missyrayn says:

    I knew you’d make it (both home and vegan). I hope your body doesn’t freak out from the sugar and gluten. Take care and enjoy your evening 🙂

    • Mish says:

      it will pass. i stocked up on awesome groceries tonight…hemp milk… 🙂 so I am pretty excited about it all really.

    • Mish says:

      in Oz you have to get rid of food your bring from other states. so I’d have to buy and keep buying new food each time.

  2. Mandy says:

    Glad you made it home safe! Must be really challenging being far away from your family. Makes living in LA and having all my family in Michigan seem not so far away!


  3. Nicole says:

    I am more confused than when I started!! I’m hoping some more reading will help me with my moral dilemma!

    I’m glad you are back in the states!! Enjoy Trader Joes for me!!

  4. Lara (Thinspired) says:

    Glad you made it there safely!
    I am pretty impressed with the vegan airplane food actually, though I am sorry about the gluten + sugar reaction 😦 I’ve heard Qantas is a great airline.

  5. Erin says:

    Last time I flew Qantas, they told me the Vegan/Vegetarian meals were the same (which is fine, since I’m not vegan, just veggie) but then served yogurt and butter with breakfast… They have no idea!

    Glad you made it home safely… enjoy your time with family and friends! 🙂

    • Mish says:

      That would be so annoying. I didn’t get yougurt for breafast–although yogurt and butter would be veg., but not vegan.

  6. justineishealthy says:

    Glad you are there safely! I hope you enjoy seeing your family!
    And good for you for sticking through till the very end of vegan week — there was never any doubt you would make it the whole week! Congratulations and welcome home 🙂

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