13,000 Miles of Operation Beautiful

Happy Thanksgiving! There is HEAPS that I am grateful for. HEAPS. However, when I travelled from Perth Australia to Oregon this past weekend I wanted to give back…I wanted to show my thanks for my growth over this past year.

Operation Beautiful came to the rescue. All of these post-its are what I believe…In my heart. So I hope that you find a place in your heart today to give thanks to yourself or to someone else that comes from your heart.

Sydney, Australia Airport

The above OB note was on this HUGE billboard below outside of a clothing store. Right side, right below the outside of her right elbow.

The 13 hour flight from Sydney to San Francisco

San Francisco Airport

They were such a fun thing to do while roaming through the airports and travelling on the planes home. I encourage anyone to participate in this awesome movement. It’s something that is fantastic and gets you smiling.

Have you ever posted and/or seen an Operation Beautiful note posted?


13 thoughts on “13,000 Miles of Operation Beautiful

  1. Lance says:

    What a wonderful, wonderful message you are spreading with these little post its! Wow!! I love it!! YOU are an amazing person…and it is an honor to know you! Be well, my friend….

  2. feli says:

    Thank you so much for telling me about operation beautiful. Taking a cue from you I posted 2 in my office building today.

    Thank You.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    awhhh i love the posts around the world! I’ve posted a few myself and that feels just as good as getting one, doesn’t it??
    have a great thanksgiving!

  4. missyrayn says:

    Such an awesome way to pass the travel time.

    I’ve seen one in NYC on a subway entry ad.

    I’ve posted several most recently in the dressing room at Target. I plan on posting one or two today at the movie theatre and then tomorrow while running around on black friday.

    Happy thanksgiving Michelle 🙂

  5. ervina says:

    i really like this project – leaving uplifting messages for women by a woman! you continue to inspire me, mish…missing you here DownUnder…

  6. eddie exley says:

    this is so sweet. this is my new favorite website. 🙂 just looking it over makes me feel happy. imgonna have to help out with the notes when i get some money. you are a great person. 🙂 thank you.

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