T-Day Wrap up and a day of craziness

I woke up today thinking to myself ‘I am so blessed’. Yesterday was such an amazing mix of family, food, fun and a race that blew my socks off.

I have always had Thanksgiving at my Mom’s parent’s house. It is a tradition that never changes..Thanksgiving Lunch. Of course, with my tummy issues, I had to make modifications, which was fine. Here’s what I ended up eating.

  • Salad w/ the toppings and green/black olives–no dressing
  • Mashed potato w/ hemp milk and vegan spread
  • Mashed sweet potato w/ vegan spread
  • Turkey
  • Cornbread Stuffing
  • Homemade cranberry sauce w/ natural sweetener

It was awesome. I didn’t go back for seconds–I may have tried the cornbread stuffing before I actually baked it–you gotta make sure it’s good.

There was a little fun happening over by the kids table–do you remember being at the kids table? I loved it!

Then there’s my modified pumpkin pie recipe from this one. I made a gluten free crust out of rice and potato flour. The exposed crust tasted like potato chips 🙂 However, the non-exposed one tasted awesome. Honestly, the filling tasted exactly like pumpkin pie. I was VERY proud of myself. I may have had another piece after this one.

Then I had to sit with my four year old niece and watch Happy Feet because honestly I was about to fall asleep. Turkey Coma!

My sister took advantage of my comatose state and held my camera hostage.

Then someone passed out

I watched as my adorable nieces played with this metal top toy that their grandparents (my mom and uncle) played with…and my cousins and I played with. So cute.

I bought the two little girls some cute presents from Australia. This is what kills me most..knowing that I get to spend about 10 hours a year with them. That is when my decision to stay in Australia becomes hard.

Alright I have WAY too much to get done today. Studying, blogging, finding a vegan baked good for Ashley’s Bake Sale, working on a present for my mom and step-dad 🙂 catching up with a friend…and baking two pies and 1 batch of sweet potatoes. Ohh and 1 hour on the bike 🙂

AHHHHHH…this is supposed to be my holidays 🙂

When you go on holidays how do you plan your time?


7 thoughts on “T-Day Wrap up and a day of craziness

  1. missyrayn says:

    I love the comatose look on a happy turkey day face 🙂

    When on holiday I have to organize my time or I don’t get anything done I want. So I pick the things I really want to do and order them first and then fit the other stuff around it.

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