12 Steps…retraced

I am awake.
I maybe am a bit hung over.
Lets retrace the steps of yesterday.

Step 1: 5km Girls on the Run. This was the race that I did with my family. I ran it again with my sister’s boyfriend Alex. Along with my childhood friend Susan (I didn’t want to take off my sweatshirt afterwards cause it was too cold). My mom and Grandma walked it. I was SO proud of them. I ran it in 27:30–one minute slower than my Turkey Trot. Still cranked out about 9 minute miles. I was so proud of myself.

It was so cold yesterday morning that I had to go to the store and buy gloves. I was driving to the race and had to stop off and get a picture of the gorgeous morning. I still am not totally filled up with the beauty of Oregon and I probably never will be.

Step 2: Mexican Infused Lunch. I went to lunch at a local restaurant. Let me tell ya’ Mexican food in Australia is CRAP! I had chip and salsa as well as veggie fajitas.

I did overeat on the chips and salsa. I however, did not overeat on the fajitas. They were bathed in oil on the bottom and frankly I was full. I only ate about 1/3 of the veggies and half of the other plate. It also came with SIX corn tortillas. None of which I ate.

Step 3: Wonder if this is really my sister

Step 4: Think about buying this book for all of the little kids in the world.

Step 5: Skewer 130lbs of Lamb. In the farming community there is a family which is KNOWN for their marinated lamb BBQs. They were a staple growing up: weddings, parties, end of harvest and winter celebrations. I was going to help, but I was told that I could just make sure that they had enough to drink. Ok…I can do that.

Step 6: Proceed to tell myself that it’s ok to eat my weight in Lamb.

So this BBQ was a winter BBQ for about 300 people. Everyone brings plates…I love potlucks. I stuck to the things which I knew that I could eat. However, I ended up eating about 2 1/2 more of the lamb and another glob of Potato Salad and Beans. This is one more monster that I have to overcome in my life ‘Just cause it tastes good and I haven’t had it for a while….doesn’t mean that I can consume heaps of it. Having 2 or 10 bites doesn’t add anything to the memories around it..’ I remember driving out of the BBQ last night thinking to myself ‘so when did you give yourself such unadulterated permission to overeat?‘ These little acknowledgements about behavouir are REALLY important for me to work through. I wasn’t upset with myself. Rather a quiet observer of patterns of behaviour.

Step 7: Basically melt, because my nieces are WAY too cute

Step 8: Telling my Dad that ‘this could be me in 10 years’. Then looking at the picture and vowing it to be 10 years.

Step 9: Drink WAY too much tequila…and think that putting antlers on is a good use of camera memory space.

Step 10: Think that taking a self-portrait with a tall man is going to work.

Step 12: Hang out by the fire pit and chat til 3am in the morning

I had some amazing conversations with these boys last night. It was nice…nice to talk with boys who are switched on. Nice to have my family around. Nice to have fire at 3am in the morning. Nice to know that I am one lucky girl.

Sad to leave.


10 thoughts on “12 Steps…retraced

  1. Erin says:

    It looks so cozy by the fire! And yes, it’s hard to find good Mexican food outside of North America. I’ve searched in a bunch of different countries and always come up short. 😉

  2. Selina says:

    I understand how hard it is to leave. But, it looks like you made the best out of your time at home. You look so happy, you sister have nice teeth (ha!) and yes, your nieces are so melty…:)

  3. Shanno Fab Fattie says:

    This all looks like so much fun! Congrats on the 5k that is great timing.
    Your family is adorable and those little girls CUTE!
    It looks like they live in an awesome community I love to see that.
    Keep it up and to comment on your bringing the scale back food, water and exercise- AWESOME!

  4. All Women Stalker says:

    Wow! What a fun day you’ve had. Isn’t fun to just spend the day with people we love? =D

    The only time I joined a race was for PE class. We had to run 10 kilometers. It was fun because I was with my friends. I hope to start jogging again so I can join races again.


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