A+ for this girl!

I didn’t recap my day yesterday…cause I was taking my FINAL exam for my anatomy and physiology class.

BOOYAH! I got an ‘A’ overall in the class! WOOT! What a great way to start of my nursing program.  How does an A student get through their day?

Breakfast of champions: Left over Naked Green Curry

Work: Watching Myles tape my friend Tom. It was Myles’ last day so he was interviewing people around the university. I have some pretty stellar parts.

Man Shopping: We went to a men’s store in Fremantle to get a gift certificate for Myles. OMG. I want a man..so I can dress them. No babies for this girl…just a man. Any takers?

Lunch: Holy crap, you now when you want to eat your hand off? When you’re THAT hungry? Well look at these faces of hunger!

I ordered this squid salad. The squid wasn’t cooked long enough…so I didn’t eat anything of the squid, did eat the lettuce.

Snack: I was still hungry. So I pounded this bad boy.

Goodbyes: My friend Jena is leaving FOREVER! We had a great road trip down south and many other fun times while she’s been here. It is SO sad to see her going. We met through a friend of a friend on Facebook. She’s from the USA and going to England to do her second Masters–sounds like this girl (except I am NOT moving to the England, staying put in Oz).

Dinner: Shrimp stirfry w/ rice. Ate all stirfry and 3/4 of rice. It was tasty.

Best.Show.Ever: A Glee marathon. Pretty much the best part of my day.

What type of student were/are you?


8 thoughts on “A+ for this girl!

  1. missyrayn says:

    I’m an A student. I’m a super perfectionist so I bust my butt to do well. I even got A’s while dealing with my Bipolar and with my back problems.

  2. Rachael says:

    Congrats on your A!! It definitely shows that all of your hard work paid off.

    I’m an overachiever. I ADMIT IT! I didn’t get an A- until my Junior year of college…and I cried because it ruined my 4.0. I still graduated Summa Cum Laude though. It just proves…no one is perfect and don’t sweat the small things.

    • Mish says:

      I TOTALLY know what you mean. I can remember the tears as well. Then I moved to Oz..where grades don’t matter and I thought to myself ‘as long as I pass then I’ll be ok’. However, I still want and strive for the best. But I don’t beat myself up like I used to.

  3. gemfit says:

    I was an A student too mainly, except for math, where I was an OMG-did-I-pass? student in a class of overachievers. When I’m interested and passionate about something, I put in my all. I struggled in Science as well, but I blame the teacher I had in my first 2 years of high school who couldn’t teach and made it boring so I hated it. I regret that immensely.

    And your shrimp stirfry looks awesome.

  4. Ashley says:

    That is seriously an impressive breakfast. I love seeing proper savoury meals in the mornings – though I probably couldn’t stomach curry.

    I hate goodbye’s 😦 But thanks to technology, you will never truly be far from your friend…

    And what’s with everyone loving Glee?


  5. All Women Stalker says:

    I was a good student, if I may say so. I got excellent/great/good grades most of the time without me trying. I do wish however that I put more effort into my studies.


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