Skin Suit

Thank you for your support on my ramblings about how I am so frustrated with being single and feeling empty because I am not in a relationship. It wasn’t something that was easy for me to admit, and has raised some other areas in my life..where I have to identify the whole feeling of being ’empty’. I had a bit of a rough one after posting this, crawled into bed, and then got a call about an hour later from some friends to come out.

I went out. I had a great night.

I have come to the honest conclusion that I may not be perfect, but what I am going to be is someone who is going to Transform myself. I haven’t been one to place my spirituality much on my blog (it’s my own personal thoughts, of which you do or do not have to believe) but the comfort in knowing that I am ‘enough’ for God, that God is at my side and that I can lay my struggles/fears/internal inadequacies on him…is probably the single most comforting thing I can fall on.

So I lay it on God. I surrender.

I have decided that each morning, when I wake up, I am doing a devotion to myself. Focusing on the core idea of Transform Me: Water, Food, Exercise. Coupled with positive affirmation about my faith in God, myself, and what that day brings.

There are times when I get overwhelmed with tomorrow, next week, etc. To be honest the whole Transform Me thing does get me a bit stressed, because I have aligned myself with showing my weight each week. The ‘you have to lose’ mentality creeps back in.

However, this morning I thought to myself…the whole idea of Transforming myself is beyond weight. It’s about the whole package. It’s not solely about food, it’s about balancing my life out so that I have brought about the most optimum level of satisfaction.

There are many times in all of our lives, where the ONE thing that we want in life (men, goal weight, money, babies, job) is the one thing which trumps the whole entire focus of the being. The whole entire existence becomes focused in on what is supposedly the ‘end all do all’ of that day.

MizFitOnline sent me a link to this fantastic video that she did on Mother’s Day. The highlight for me was ‘completley comfortable in her own skin suit”.

I went out to the beach yesterday with L. He’s comfortable in his skin suit.

I embark on this day with a new-found approach to myself. One where my life is about finding peace in my faith, peace in my Transforming process, and most importantly peace in my skin suit.

How are you and your skin suit?


17 thoughts on “Skin Suit

  1. kbwood says:

    GREAT post girl!! so comforting/relieving when you can finally be comfterable in your own skin..because its the only suit we have in this life!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    first of all-i love the new blog!!!
    i’m so behind on my blog reading!
    and i agree with you 18927897% its OK to BE SINGLE!!! the right person will fall into your life-its just a matter of time. and you need to love yourself, before you can truly accept the love of another.

    at least that’s what i keep telling myself…….

  3. Miz says:

    thanks for the link love, Woman.
    Im honored if my words helped at all as well.
    We are all about that here at Casa Miz. EVERY DAY.

    In a way that’s my only job: trying to find what I can do each day to help my daughter get more comfy in her own skin & need me less.

    (ahhh roots and wings. some days I hate ye :))

    My day job? my blog? all secondary that that job because I have experienced how all things are better in life (ALL THINGS) when you live them with the backdrop of being at peace with who you are.

    much love.


  4. Shannon Fab Fattie says:

    When I read this I see…
    Self acceptance

    All of the things needed to be open to possibility and love.

    You are dong the right thing by letting it happen and knowing in your heart that it will all come in due time.
    Frustration may be sometimes but it will al be worth it in the end. When you find your soul mate who is searching for you right now.
    I honestly beleive that each of us have a soul mate and sometimes it just takes a while to find them 🙂

  5. Rickey Lisk says:

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