Unilateral Tri Attack

Today is the Day! When Tri Training kicks back into HIGH GEAR. But let’s just recap the stuff I’ve done in the past couple of months.

Triathlon #1: 200m swim / 7km bike / 2km run— Finished in 41:30
Turkey Trot: 5km run— Finished in 26:30

Girls on the Run: 5km run— Finished in 27:30. I was able to run it with my dear friend Susan, my sister boyfriend, my grandma and mom. AWESOME!

So what is my unilateral attack for running my ass off?

You’re looking at one busy lady. I mean I have the WHOLE month of January off and I can’t wait to just sweat it out. I am someone who needs fitness/life goals and this is one of those times. I may not win the race, I may have to walk some of it. That doesn’t matter. It’s about getting my ass in gear and USING what my body is capable of doing.

So how do you get going on the unilateral attack of your fitness?

  • Plan
  • Rest
  • H2O
  • Food

PLAN: I am someone who is going with the 10% increase each week until the Tri and then tapering off about 1 1/2 – 2 weeks before the Tri itself. Coach Annie said that you have to be able to do the swim, bike, and run on their own double the length of the actual race. That means for my first Tri I will need to able to swim 800m, rice 32km and run 8km without stopping. Oh Man!

REST: I am an EPIC failure at resting. My mind is CONSTANTLY going and it’s hard for me..at times..to shut it off. However, I know that denying my body of rest is the SINGLE INDICATOR of exercise/eating/H2O drinking failure.

H2O: I am going to bust out my water bottle and form a positive harmonious relationship with it.

FOOD: Fueling my body with stuff it likes. Sugar, processed..not included. Neither is dairy or gluten. Or Fiber for that matter.

What’s the Transform Me exercise plan this week?

  • Monday: 1.6km swim
  • Tuesday: 25 minute run, Level 1 Shred
  • Wednesday: Swim 1.6km, bike 45 minute
  • Thursday: Run 30 minutes, Level 1 Shred
  • Friday: Swim 1.6km
  • Saturday: Bike 1 hour, Level 1 Shred
  • Sunday: REST

That’s right…I am ready to kick some ass. There is honestly a part of me that is SCARED of committing to doing something harder. I survived my frist Tri and feel like ‘I’ve ticked that box off’. However, I need to challenge myself. I need step up my game. I need to do this for me.

My unilaterally attack begins for me. Now, you may or may not be at the level that I am at. You maybe be higher, or lower. I DON’T CARE. Just get up and do something that you’ve always wanted to do. I want to prove to myself that I AM doing these things.

What are you going to unilaterally attack this week?


10 thoughts on “Unilateral Tri Attack

  1. Joanna Sutter says:

    Sounds like an amazing plan! I love having training goals. My goals are just around some strength gains in the gym. Increase the load on my squats that sort of thing!

    • Mish says:

      I am adding in Shred because of you. I can’t afford a gym membership, but you make me aware of the need to add strength. So thank you.

  2. Reluctant Blogger says:

    Gosh 1.6km swim is a long way.

    I have no fitness goals for this week – I will do my usual 4.5mile run (on 3 days) but I just must get some Christmas shopping. That is my thing for this week.

  3. Jenelle says:

    Your plan sounds solid and your exercise goals for the week are inspiring.

    I’m going to step up my work outs this week and try to spend more time doing cardio than usual. I deserve it!

    Good luck with you training!

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