Fav Blog Posts of 2009 (yours & mine)

Here are my favourites of 2009…cause I like favourites and favourites are fun.

Best Recipe that I’ve made Jena’s Eggplant Lasanga

The Blog Post the Keeps me Going Welcome to Today from Jack Sh*t

Yesterday may not have been your best day, but yesterday is dead and gone. […] Today is what’s ahead of you, and it’s a day full of promise and possibility. You can make a positive and lasting change in your life and you can start today. […] Today’s your day to start making your life better. Tomorrow? We’ll talk about tomorrow tomorrow, but for now, let’s keep our whole and total focus on today. Today’s all we can control, all we can manage, all that we need to worry about for the day’s remaining 86,370 seconds.

Best Race for Me 8:38 Mile…omg!

I told myself that I had to leave everything on the pavement…I didn’t want anything left with me.I did.

I just went, I ran, I ran hard. I came up to the 1 mile marker and looked down at my watch


WHAT?!?!?! an 8:38 mile. Are you freaking kidding me!!!! I pretty much had to hold back tears. Here I am 100lbs lighter, with stomach issues this whole year, hating running…and now pulling an 8:38 mile! I almost started bawling, but I just kept running.

Best Blogger Race Re-Cap Thanksgiving: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly from Fat Daddy Rants

At 8:30 AM, the race kicked off. And I ran the whole thing. Of course it was my goal all along to do just that. But 3.1 miles is the longest I have run since 1984, when I ran a 10K at age 17. So I was not sure whether I could do it. My lunchtime runs are just over 2.5 miles, so I was counting on being able to gut out the last half-mile. And that is just what happened.

My boys apparently were surprised too. They stayed right with me throughout the race, like two escorts, to make sure their old man was all right. I never broke pace. The last stretch really took it out of me though. And in the afterrace euphoria the weight of the moment began to sink in. I just did something I really had left behind when I let my body become so overweight over the past 20 years. To get to the point where this was possible once again is huge.

And then my boys started in. Robby, my oldest, told me how impressed he was. He said he really did not think I would be able to run the whole thing, and he kept waiting for the time when he would have to goad me to keep running. He told me he was impressed maybe 5 times. Daniel just told me he was proud of me. He said it twice, and punctuated it with a hug. If you have teenagers, you know that hugs are a rare animal. So between the enormity of the moment and my kids compliments, I stood in that church parking lot choked up.

The Scariest Moment This Year God, please don’t let the baby die

The baby, a 1 year old little boy, had an IV drip and oxygen mask. The baby, had a horrible case of Malaria and  pneumonia to boot. He still needed oxygen while we were driving to Dili about 1 1/2 hrs. drive. Anders tries to get the oxygen tank to work, but there’s no oxygen.

‘Michelle, do you mind if the woman sits next to you in the front seat? I need you to give oxygen to the baby the whole time while we are driving’
‘Yeah that’s fine’ I reply.
Anders handed me the manual oxygen mask thingy. You know the kind the you compress with your hand..it looks like a bit bubble and it presses oxygen through an attached mask.

Here I am in the front seat with a little baby who has an IV attached to their hand, pressing an adult sized mask on it’s face pumping oxygen into it’s tired little lungs. This was for 1 1/2 hours. My shoulders burned from reaching around behind the back of the mother to hold down the oxygen mask while using my left hand to pump the bubble as best as I could. As we careen down the mountain slopes navigating between slow coffee trucks full of people and coffee beans, mini buses packed like sardines and motorcycles I tried to maintain my mental state.

At one point, as we were absorbed into the beautiful drive through the mountains, I had to hold back the tears. Here is a little baby that without our help may have died in Gleno. I prayed the whole time, that every time I went to tap his head, tickle his feet, readjust his mask that he’d respond.

Please God, I beg you, don’t let this baby die on me.

Mom Role Model No Regrets from Peas and Thank You

I don’t regret ever making the decision to become a mom, and devoting my life to raising healthy, happy and now vegetarian children, even if it means sacrificing a lot of my career goals, social interactions and overall hygiene.  I do regret caring too much about the details, about perfection and about unattainable expectations and not always appreciating the little moments along the way.

My Big Life Change OMG! I got IN!

I Admire This Post Exposed by MizFitOnline

As soon as my healthy-living was no longer about the vessel but about what my body could do it was practically as if my body sensed it.

It immediately stopped fighting me and, it seemed, was eager to be as fit & healthy as it could possibly be.

I am thankful for my eyes. I can see and, as a woman who has had a close family member struggle repeatedly with losing various aspects of his sight, I never, ever take that for granted.

I am thankful to my brain for the fact I can think clearly and remember. As a woman who has had seen a family member lose memory as a result of Alzheimers (then referred to merely as dementia) I dont take that for granted.

I am thankful I can walk. Lately the Tornado and I seem to be encountering many people in wheelchairs. As a result, she’s has started asking why they cant walk like she can. I am grateful for my legs.

I am thankful for my health, my strength & for making it to 40 without any major aches, pains or injuries.

My body demands foodfoodfood (plenty of clean whole nutritious meals), exercise (not too much but consistently over years) & lots of rest in the form of sleep and spiritual/meditation time.

What Ive learned (finally) is that when I give my body what it seeks it repays me ten-fold by being able to do pretty much anything I ask of it in return.

That’s me.

Makes me Laugh All the Time Ex-Hot Girl

Exposing Myself Exposed

These are just some of the posts throughout the past year which have inspired me. Man there are SO many more. There are heaps more. I know this post doesn’t do justice to the amazing bloggers, mom’s, weight lose victors, runners, survivors, open women, who constantly inspire me to be a better person.

What are some of your personal and blogger FAV posts of this year? Post in the comment section!


9 thoughts on “Fav Blog Posts of 2009 (yours & mine)

  1. Jenn says:

    I heart your face so much I wanna cover it in gravy and lick it off. The only reason I won’t is because I can’t afford the calories, but I was THISCLOSE.

  2. heather says:

    This was such a GREAT collection of favorites- one of my fav posts of yours remains your first tri. And the exposed post is obvs amazing 🙂 you are an inspiration.

  3. Marisa (Loser for Life) says:

    I loved this post! Thanks for introducing me to some blogs I have never seen!

    Your race and tri recaps were some of my favorites. I love how much emotion you put into them and I felt so inspired after reading them! You are amazing!!!!!

  4. missyrayn says:

    I loved Mama Peas post about No regrets too.

    And I loved your post about the three things you are doing instead of focusing on dieting.

    I joined the blog scene late so I don’t remember a ton but I love the community most of all.

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