Wow! My weekend has been nuts…well actually it’s been a typical weekend if SUN (eat that little frozen popsicles in the northern hemisphere!)

Saturday started off like this: ‘oats’ (cream of buckwheat) w/ peas. Remember when I pead myself?


Then I said..where’s the protein woman? Organic Free Range Eggs to the rescue. We eyes of RED!

Then I thought that I’d become a vampire of the morning and drink a little blood… isn’t blood. It’s juice: 3 carrots, 2 oranges, 1 beetroot, 1 tsp hunk of ginger. HOLY YUM.


Everything tastes better with a straw anyways. Hit the road with Ervina for some markets in Leederville. Powered up with a double shot iced soy latte.


I am sad that I am moving in TWO WEEKS to a different town. Fremantle is SUCH a hippie fun city. It’s very walkable–haven’t owned a car in 3 1/2 years. However, venturing out into little towns which are going to be part of my life is refreshing for me. Let me tell ya it was SO hot. I almost melted. We did some shopping around. I bought two vintage dresses..I will show later. I had a great time. I did get some YUMMY homemade soaps! I busted out the coconut one.


I found these ketchup and mustard utters…aren’t these wrong?


We had to fuel up.cause we were SO HUNGRY AND THIRSTY from all of that shopping!


The Thai beef salad was DISGUSTING. It tasted like dead fish. The spring rolls were ok.

We then headed to my co-worker, Jaime, engagement party. They have engagement parties here..have you ever been to one of those? We had a good time. I just POUNDED water! They had bottles of wine which they wrote their own story of how they met as the wine labels. SO CUTE!


We took some pictures. Scariest picture ever. Poor Jaime..she has to deal with me everyday.

(I bought that belt at the markets)

me, jaime, ervina, cate
Man..a busy Saturday..let me tell ya. I then discovered that I-tunes once again has The Office for sale. I almost kissed my computer screen. I saw the Pam and Jim Engagement Scene. OMG. I want a man to kiss me like that. 🙂
Speaking of some lovin’ Jen @PriorFatGirl did an Exposed post. MUST.READ I also added a video to the Exposed page to discuss the movement overall.
Do you hang out with your co-workers?


6 thoughts on “Co-Worker

  1. Sarah Mitchell says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Okay, I’ve seen you twice in two days and have yet to tell you how much I like you’re hair with bangs. Very attractive. However, I don’t think I’ve seen you looking more glam than in the photo of you sipping on the double shot soy iced latte. Wow!

  2. All Women Stalker says:

    First, let me say that you look awesome in that dress. Your hair is so pretty!

    Second, I haven’t been in a job long enough to actually bond with my workmates. But when I was in a job, I didn’t really hang out with my workmates. I didn’t really have the same interests with them. I thought it was too much effort to try to converse about things I have no genuine interest in.


  3. Katherine says:

    Condiment udders = LOL!! And we have engagement parties, too! Usually they’re earlier on in the engagement, and the showers come later as the wedding date gets closer. They’re almost always co-ed and are either casual like a BBQ or a tad more hoity-toity like a wine and cheese party. Do they not do engagement parties in Oregon?

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