Week 2 WI Transform Me

Well Kids…the Official WI this morning for Transform Me:

198.3lbs, up .8lbs and over my original WI of 198 by .3lbs


  • 1 hour walk on Friday
  • 25 minutes of yoga on Sunday
  • 7 cookies one night
  • 3 cookies another day
  • enough dessert to kill a person on Saturday night

That’s right…I have been shoving sugar in my face. I guess I could blame it on TOM (time of month) or its the ‘holiday season’ or because I am still jet lagged. But really..it’s poor emotional food choices.

Normally I would say to myself

  • ‘Ok, today you can binge and then you’ll get back to it for the rest of the week’ -or-
  • ‘Well, you’re never gonna get out the cycle of bingeing because you’re doomed and you are a binger’ -or- ‘
  • You’re fat and you’ll just have to deal with it.’


Today I got on the scale and freaked ‘how can I tell the blog world that I’ve gained weight?’ ‘I am a failure…I don’t want to be a person who complains about their food choices, lack of exercise, and lack of weight loss.’

I then snapped out of it: ‘This is my journey that I am sharing. It’s not about proving anything to anyone except myself. It’s about honouring my body, and workin’ it.’

I am here to say that I am transforming myself. I am here to say get on the damn horse and get on with it.

Saddle me up!


8 thoughts on “Week 2 WI Transform Me

  1. Teri says:

    I am shocked to hear you say you overeat at potlucks because you are uncomfortable interacting with you – you are so outgoing and lovable – no reason why people would not love you!

  2. fitlizzio says:

    i read this post and feel like i could have written it. i’m done with excuses and just going to focus on doing what needs to be done. thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. All Women Stalker says:

    I also need to understand more the things that cause me to overeat. I know it’s all about emotions for me, but I want to know the specific feelings and emotions. I can also relate about using food to hide from social interaction.


  4. louisianagrown says:

    My biggest coping mechanisms are reading, running, and bubble baths. Occassionally I turn to the food, but it won’t be a huge binge or anything.

  5. Marlena says:

    **Today I got on the scale and freaked ‘how can I tell the blog world that I’ve gained weight?’**

    One of the things I love about reading your blog & others’ is because of everyone’s honesty. If everyone was Perfect Polly & did everything right, lost weight every single week, never suffered from the emotional rollercoaster that is life, then I wouldn’t be reading y’all’s blogs.

    So, thank YOU for being honest about your journey & letting us know that we’re not alone.

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