Change..big scary change!

Right now I am having one of those moments..when a tub of ice cream would be nice.

Moving jobs/changing life + tub of ice cream = momentary distraction and then deep guilt

My equation isn’t lookin’ too hot. Remember math?

So I am going to change my equation

Moving Jobs/Changing life + enjoying the last moments with friends = new memories and happiness

I am quitting my job, moving house to a new town with no new friends and starting full time study to become a nurse. I am SO excited. HOWEVER, I am nervous because it’s these times when I FREAK out and turn to the one thing I know I always have


This is what happened to me last year. Ended Relationship. Moved to a new place by myself. Started a new job. Epically failed with eating, bingeing and not working out.

Have you ever had this happen to your before? Big changes?

I am so thankful that I am more aware of my body and my mental well-being. However, I noticed tonight old habits die hard. I caught myself dipping a bit into the cookie dough tonight and ice cream…and actually stopped. I said..’what emotion am I feeding?’

How do you deal with change?


25 thoughts on “Change..big scary change!

  1. amanda says:

    I have basically done this many of times. My husband and I move around a lot due to his job. However this latest move may be the last one for awhile. My biggest thing is finding friends. I found different groups in my area at I also looked on Craigslist to meet new friends. Good luck to you!!! I am starting school online next year for healthcare management. I tried to get a job for awhile now in my current field (x-ray tech)

  2. megzzwinsatlife says:

    Change is scary but totally worth it in the end.. Everything happens for a reason and I believe you are going to be happy no matter where you move. You are such a good person and you deserve all the good things in life.

  3. All Women Stalker says:

    I haven’t had that big of a change to deal with EVER. It’s mostly problems that make me turn to food. With change, any kind of change, I just try to stay positive and make the best of the situation. I can’t avoid change. Might as well go with the flow and enjoy life. Oh, and don’t think you’ll turn to food. Think that you will use this change as a way to strengthen your resolve to live healthier. Use this change to gain inner strength.


  4. Nicole says:

    I basically move to a new place every 2-3 years (AF wife). It sucks, but I go to the gym and try to meet new people with healthy habits there. You have to be outgoing! Joining a club in the area doesn’t hurt either!

    Get that nasty stuff out of the house if you are binging!!! There is a reason why I don’t buy Oreos. I will eat the entire package within 2-3 days by myself. I don’t keep that stuff in the house, especially during stressful times!! Good luck!! šŸ˜‰

  5. Reluctant Blogger says:

    I hadn’t realised you were moving town. Sorry – I’m struggling to keep up, aren’t I? Your changes are too much for me!

    I think you will cope because you know that change is something that takes a certain mindset to cope with.

    Last time I moved I fell to pieces. NOt sure it was cause and effect as such – there was other stuff too- I had Post natal depression and I lost all my links and friends and I just hid for years. But the big changes i made a year or so back I coped with fine because, like you, I was prepared for them and knew they would be tough in places – I sailed through and actually almost enjoyed them really.

    I think you’ll be fine. You are such a lovely person you will make stacks of new friends really quickly. Then you’ll have all your old friends and a whole set of new ones too.

    Laughed at lunchtime – Jack knocked a full cup of milk over – I always think of you if they spill their drinks now! We had a chuckle and said you should definitely have been there!

  6. Janna (Just Flourishing) says:

    You are definitely not alone!

    I JUST did that this year. I quit my job in July and moved to a completely new city to begin school to become an RD.

    It’s scary… and stressful. But times of change can be used to your build NEW healthy habits in your new life and lose the old habits.

  7. louisianagrown says:

    Did you have a blog last time you went through big stress in your life? If not, use it to help you! Journaling is one of the best coping mechanisms, especially when your journal is wide open for the public to read and support you.

  8. Tony says:

    When there are big changes in my life, I remind myself of what is most important to me. That clears up some of the fog at least.

  9. gemfit says:

    Been there, doing that and getting through it. It’s tough BUT it’s not impossible. You’re going to meet a ton of people through school, so that will help. Join a gym/group and surround yourself with healthy, supportive people.

    And don’t be too hard on yourself. Change is not always easy!

    • Mish says:

      I love the idea of getting involved in things that I want to get involved in. I am moving to a HUGE uni with tons of options. So I will spend the next couple of weeks researching these things. It boils down to me being open and spontaneous…which are two things that can be challenging for me at times. Push-those-boundaries šŸ™‚

      • gemfit says:

        Push-those-boundaries indeed! That’s what helps us grow!

        And I’m sorry, but you are definitely an OPEN person judging by your blog and your video posts. Channel THAT Mish into your new world and you’re sure to be a hit šŸ™‚

  10. Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit says:

    Knowledge is power, and I think you’ve got your head screwed on a little tighter this go-round. Good luck with your life-change and keep us posted on the progress. I think you’ll do great.

  11. fitlizzio says:

    the fact that you realized what you were doing and stopped yourself is a HUGE step. i like your equations…good perspective!

    i tend to eat out of emotion when it comes to thinking about my family life and how messed up it has become…so lately i try to use that as a fuel and say that i am going to be the one in the family that has my shit together and accomplishes my goals.

  12. Diane Fit to the Finish says:

    I deal with change by reminding myself that change=life. Life never stays the same, which is really good I suppose.

    And to maintain for a lifetime, we’ve got to learn to handle those emotional equations, just like you are doing!! I think you are doing awesome!

  13. missyrayn says:

    Food is such a comfort for me but I tend to exercise first when I deal with change and then if I’m still hungry I will eat something small yet satisfying.

  14. Lori (Finding Radiance) says:

    Old comfort habits are the hardest to break. We always want to go to the familiar.

    Sometimes, though – when all of life is topsy turvy, the one thing you actually *can* control is what goes into your mouth. Start with good healthy habits and write them down if you need to.

    This is a really exciting thing for you!

  15. Miz says:


    now I havent been to more than one thing šŸ™‚ but I love getting the emails as even THAT makes me feel less alone when we move. knowing that there is the mere potential of meeting new people etc.

    change sucks and change ROCKS.

    its focusing on the latter which gets me through.

    xo xo,

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