Talent Show Falshback

Yes…I did say I was taking a break. I need one…to be honest. However, MizFitOnline asked her peeps to post a blog post for her virtual talent show.

How could I say no?

I should admit that in Fifth Grade I did a talent Show. In our gymnasium. A small country school. I wore a Western-Style Shirt. I think it had tassels. I think I wore leggings. I sang ‘We Shall Be Free’ by Garth Brooks. (I was an activist then).

My spotlight was the overhead projector. I had the tape, yes tape, lyrics with me on stage so that I wouldn’t forget the lyrics when I was up there.

I got into the song and man was I nervous..

I thought I was doing well, and then I looked down and all the kids in the front row had their hands over their ears.

Now, I only sing when there’s tequila.

However…tounge tricks and growling…now that’s a different story.

Happy Holidays from the Lion!


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