This vlog is SO important!

I have struggled with binging, body image, gaining weight and GUILT.

After reading this post from Hilda@Living Out Loud I got it—RELEASE THE GUILT. PLEASE watch this if your someone who struggles with guilt in your life, if you feel like you just ‘can’t get there’, if you’re struggling with weight.

This maybe the most important discovery of 2009 for me.


16 thoughts on “GUILT

  1. Dori says:

    You are amazing and you speak do eloquently. Guilt is something I think I overcome sometimes but then it turns out I didn’t, it was just temporarily hiding. Thank you for this.

  2. Anna says:

    Wow…thanks for sharing. Releasing the guilt is incredibly important…sometimes I think I’ve mastered it, and then I realize that it’s something that probably will take a lifetime to master (if ever).

  3. Ali says:

    Hi Lady! I am finally back from my mini hiatus…I wanted to tell you that I read over your posts and I am so proud of you. It seems as though you have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time (whether you realize this or not)…I will email you with my transform me stuff soon…

  4. missyrayn says:

    Mish you are so wonderful to put this out there.

    It wasn’t until I got to the real reason “I” wanted to be thin and not for others that I really did it.

    And I agree that I hate when some of the message boards just complain and talk about their guilt of the scale and the food. Food is to be enjoyed and even if you don’t weigh in the number is still the same. Learning to live with your decisions and own them is key to making this a life long journey and not just a diet.

    • Mish says:

      It’s such a powerful thing to take weight loss from an outside validation source and move it internally and really start to own it. For many people they struggle with this. however, once you’re realised this you are able to achieve what you want out of life.

  5. Jenelle says:

    When I reached my lowest weight of 147 last year I went through something similar. Like you, I surpassed my goal and realized it didn’t fix all my problems. I still wasn’t happy. The number on the scale didn’t make me any better or worse a person than before.

    Thanks for sharing this. I will keep this in mind in moments of weakness to wake myself up and stop feeding the guilt.

  6. charity says:

    OMG, that was perfect! I am one riddled with guilt and binged last night (havent in a long time) all the while wondering why and knowing that I would feel crappy about it the next day. I really need to get rid of the guilt, it is a big barrier in my life. I have a lot of anxiety and being a perfectionist I “should” myself to death- I “should” be able to eat better, exercise more, spend more time w/kids, etc. It’s enough to drive you mad!! Thanks for this post.

  7. Hilda says:

    Hi Mish,

    I love that title – guilty onion! Thanks for mentioning my post 🙂

    I think what you said at the beginning about guilt reinforcing the negative behaviour is so true. It holds our attention on what we don’t want for ourselves rather than what we do. Also, self-love and guilt are mutually incompatible! I hope you manage to substitute self-love for guilt every time you catch yourself giving yourself a hard time.

    Happy new year!

  8. charity says:

    I was thinking about this post today at work as I downed several choc. chip cookies (how often do people bring in gluten free cookies…) and wondered how I could NOT feel guilty about it. Yes, I *deserved* them, it was a super busy day, and yes its been ages since I even had a cookie….but I did eat like 5 or 6 (or 7, I lost track, they were soooo good) all the while telling myself I wasn’t hungry and they were going to make me fat…ugh. I guess whats done is done and I dont need to waste my energy on guilt.

    • Mish says:

      I think it’s a step process. First: doing what you did..releasing the post guilt. Second: having the food in front of you and mentally thinking about it but getting through it. third: having the food in front of you, portioning out a reasonable amount and ENJOYING the FOOD for the FOOD..letting all emtion go around it. Make sense? I jump between 2 and 3 mostly. Put hit 1 sometimes. Good on you. You’re doing great.

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