25..NOW 26 Superheros

25 SuperHeros from the Exposed Movement

ExHotGirl: Body Love

MizFit: Expozed

I am thankful for my eyes. I can see and, as a woman who has had a close family member struggle repeatedly with losing various aspects of his sight, I never, ever take that for granted.

I am thankful to my brain for the fact I can think clearly and remember. As a woman who has had seen a family member lose memory as a result of Alzheimers (then referred to merely as dementia) I dont take that for granted.

I am thankful I can walk. Lately the Tornado and I seem to be encountering many people in wheelchairs. As a result, she’s has started asking why they cant walk like she can. I am grateful for my legs.

I am thankful for my health, my strength & for making it to 40 without any major aches, pains or injuries.

My body demands foodfoodfood (plenty of clean whole nutritious meals), exercise (not too much but consistently over years) & lots of rest in the form of sleep and spiritual/meditation time.

What Ive learned (finally) is that when I give my body what it seeks it repays me ten-fold by being able to do pretty much anything I ask of it in return.

A Warrior’s Feet and Legs

These feet and legs have carried me throughout my years, through my beautiful wedding and through my failed marriage.

These feet and legs have carried my ex-wife to the ER from our bed where I found her after having attempted suicide.

These feet and legs have carried my brothers, under fire, to safety.

These feet and legs have breached doors and walls to reach and rescue people in danger.

These feet and legs have carried my nieces and nephews, clinging to them as I trod around their living rooms.

These feet and legs will dance again, a waltz under a brilliant field of stars stretching from horizon to horizon, with your feet and legs, on our night.

Noshtopia: I’m Exposed

A Merry Life

Heather from Blog To Lose

Roni’s Weigh: I’ve Been Exposed

Fab Kate: Exposed?

Head Heart Health

Life w/Maggie&Ben

PriorFatGirl Exposed

Lance @ The Jungle of Life

That’s the outer me.  Just like each of you, though, I am much more than what you see here.

I AM my legs.  They are used for walking, for running, for kicking, and for playing.

I AM my smile.    That feeling of joy from just tipping my cheek bones up, from the corners of my lips pointed skyward.

I AM my eyes.  To see the beautiful sunsets.  To see those I love – my wife, my kids, friends.

I AM my heart.  Love.  Connection.  Feeling.  Truth.

I AM me.

Cindy–Cancer Survivor Exposed

Katy @ SillyTaterTot

Hilda @ Living Out Loud

And so, I’m taking a deep breath and posting.  I still feel very uncomfortable doing so, but I also know that the discomfort comes from the need for approval, or to be more accurate in this case, the fear of disapproval.  But I’ve let fear hold me back so often in my life, and these days I do my best not to let that happen anymore.  I make a big effort to feel the fear and do it anyway.

So I’ve joined the ranks.  Here is my body, exposed, as it looks today.



I am Exposed!
It definitely needs work.

Esther: The Naked Truth

AJ Loves To Lose

Cranky Fitness

Now, though, when I look at the bodies of other women brave enough to post pictures of themselves, I see this about myself:

Hands that have saved two lives and midwifed many, many more through dying.

Arms that can lift almost anything they’re called upon to lift, be it bags of dog food or lonely cats or heavy patients.

A chest that can bench-press my trainer. Plus, it looks great in V-necks.

Hips that can shake to Brave Combo like nobody’s bidness.

A butt that has moved at least one man to lyrical, and sometimes vaguely obscene, observations.

Life For Love: Exposed

Billy: Exposed

Briciole Di Pane

Cynthia: Here I am Exposed

I love that my stomach helps to support my back and prevent further surgery to repair even more problems.  I love that it holds me up when I run.

I love that my legs let me run races that I was told I could never run post surgery and in even faster times than before.

I love that my can stir polenta and get it nice and smooth.  I love that they allow me to give bear hugs to my cousins when they are sad and miss our grandmother.

My waist is a nice hourglass that looks great in dresses and balances out my hips and chest.

I love my body the way it is.  I’ve learned to be happy with my body the way it is because I’ll never look like the models and I really don’t want to.  My body is specific to me and beautiful.  It has served me so well to this point and doesn’t fail.  No matter how much abuse I’ve put it through it keep plugging forward and making me happier and happier that I’m strong and proud and healthy.

Eating Journey: It started here!

When I look back at 2009, I realise that what has enable me to grow is the fact that I exposed myself to myself.

These people above have done the same thing. They are superheros.


22 thoughts on “25..NOW 26 Superheros

  1. Shannon says:

    I am so glad you put these all together. I had not seen all of them until now.
    How very powerful!
    The feet… amazing what 2 feet can do and how much they can inspire.
    Just wow.

  2. Hilary says:

    Loved those – what a wonderful way to wake up on New Year’s Day – cept I wasn’t here .. – great fantastic post for 2010 .. Hilary

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