My Best of 2009 in 11 letters

My Best of 2009 in 11 letters: I Overcame It!

When people ask me: What are your New Years Resolutions..I say to them..I HATE Resolutions!

However, I will succumb.

My 2010 Resolution: LOVE MY CORE from the inside out. Feed my CORE with food, sleep, relaxing, exercise, healthy choices. Hollow out my CORE of the imbalances so I can eat ice cream again. Nourish my CORE faith.

If you could label your focus for 2010…what would your sentence be?


12 thoughts on “My Best of 2009 in 11 letters

  1. MizFit says:

    all things working together in HARMONY.

    (scr*w balance 🙂 that shit is NOT happening around here…can I say shit?!)

  2. MrsFatass says:

    Love your year in review. I’ll have to think over my goal sentence. Something about more sex and cardio – I think that would be great for my core.
    Happy New Year, new friend!

  3. missyrayn says:

    Better now than then.

    The end of my year is so much better than the beginning or middle. I’ve gone through so much and overcome it through God’s grace.

  4. Julia says:

    Love MrsFatass but i think I will just stick with the cardio for this year LOL!!

    I think mine will be healthy and clean living both inside and out!!

  5. Rachel @ Shedding It says:

    Love the pic of you parasailing (??)…EPIC. And I love the last pic…fancy!

    My 2009 epic was: OWN IT. And I did. 2010 sentence…Enjoy the ride. I spent 2009 laying the foundation for what I want. Now it’s time to hold on tight and just ride the amazing wave brought on by discovering my own health and passion.

    CHEERS, dear!!

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