A New Tradition

Yesterday was New Years Eve in Australia.

My friend Madi and I bought tickets to a New Years Eve party. However..we both piked. I bought PJ bottoms and we settled into a night of comfort. But first we went to the beach and took a dip in the ocean. It.WAS.AWESOME.

A new..New Years Eve Tradition! FOR SURE!

Then we got into the food. Starting with some awesome ‘purple/black’ grapes. I like my grapes..like my men πŸ˜‰

Then we made Pizza. Mine was a gluten free/vegan pizza.

I much prefer Pizza w/out cheese now. This vodka drink where you put between 5-10 Redskins into a bottle of vodka. I don’t know what you’d use in America. Maybe red Starbursts. You let the candy dissolve. Then add Sprite to the vodka. It tastes like those sherbet punch drinks. YUMMY.

Way.to.easy.to.drink. We watched some old Office episodes. God I love the Office. Have you seen the ‘Stress Relief’ Episode for Season Five. The first 3 minutes Kill me. We then were getting tired so we made normal and chocolate Anzac Biscuits.

I ate way too my dough and way too many cookies. It wasn’t worth it. It just wasn’t what I needed at all.

Today has been very busy driving around and avoiding moving. Last year I literally broke up with ex this weekend, and started living on my own. That is also when the binge monster started. I am today moved into a new place. I am typing from a new bed, bed room…a new life. I am pursuing a nursing degree and part of that is moving into a huge Dorm and being the Senior RA. It means I get to live here for free πŸ™‚

However, when change comes I FREAK out and turn to food. I don’t want to deal with it..so I cope with food. I could feel it all day long. I stopped myself and dealt with the emotions that I was having. I talked it through with a friend and then decided NOT TO COPE WITH FOOD. There was a box of cookies and I had one and threw the rest away. It just isn’t worth it for me anymore.

I silenced the binge monster today before even an ioda of over-eating happened.–god that feels so good to write–I don’t think it’s just a ‘one off’. This is me now. This is who I am now. This is the REAL Michelle.

Part of taking control of my new life was unpacking this mess. Good Lord..who needs this much crap? Me..apparently.

I am off to dream land…happy and excited. I have signed up for a four part Health Living Online Course with Dinneen and MizFit… I am SO excited. It’s 40.00 with an intimate group of people. They are worth more than their weight in Gold. What a FABULOUS way to start off your new year..with insight from these amazing ladies.


I hope that you are having a fantastic 2010 beginning. I didn’t get my 5km today, sorry Seth..however I have my alarm set and ready to go from tomorrow.

What are some of your favourite traditions?


7 thoughts on “A New Tradition

  1. missyrayn says:

    Growing up near Philly the Mummers Day Parade was my tradition.

    Now my tradition is starting the new year with Hunni and snuggling with the puppers. And there will be a work out today to start it off right.

  2. Stephanie Quilao says:

    Change is both scary and exciting. Good for you for moving forward in your life and making the leaps! There are many cheering you in πŸ™‚

  3. All Women Stalker says:

    I love staying up till the sun comes up. I drink with my close friends and just chat the night away. This year, it didn’t really happen for me because the night was freezing. I slept through New Year…..

    Congrats on overcoming the binge monster!

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