I am gonna have to keep this sort. I am fading quickly.

I started off the day walking around the campus of my new uni…man it’s HUGE. My first uni was 2,500, 2nd uni 5,000 and this one has about 20,000. It’s massive. However, the grounds are amazing. I mean who gets to walk to class with peacocks?


I was tired and thirsty today and that means that I get snacky. I polished off an whole packet of rice crackers today and then snapped out of it…that is not properly fueling my body. So…I did what anyone does…make a salad.


GF Pasta w/ salad, salsa and a fried egg. I then lazied around for most of the arvo and decided that I needed to get my 5@5 in. Ok…so maybe it wasn’t 5km at 5am, however, I did get over 5km in on HOT afternoon.


so.thirsty. I fueled with a little celery salsa action.


I got a b-day invite out for my friend Megan to have mexican food wtih some of her friends. Mexican, Tequila..HELL YES! I ordered ONE traditional margarita.


Did I mention that I LOVE tequila. I also love whipping out my camera when people don’t know me and explaining it’s for a blog.


I ordered the shrimp burrito w/ corn tortillas. I ate all the shrimp–about 10 small ones, both tortillas and about 1/2 of the rice. It wasn’t that I was full…it was that I was fueled. I was content. I am telling you when you let go of calories/points you are released to listen to your body.

We then headed over to the pub and tequila shots were taken. Happy Birthday Megan.



I didn’t drink anymore…I just didn’t want it. I can’t roll like I used to.

I am off to the land of dreams.

What’s your drink of choice?


13 thoughts on “Run.Drink.Eat

  1. Jennifer Y. says:

    I LOVE margaritas!! My favorite drink! You always have interesting/fresh food choices. How do you think of what to have? I’m always at a loss and trying to re-train my brain to think of healthy foods:)

  2. KatieP says:

    Congratulations on having a fantastic night without stressing about the food. You’re living the life you always imagined and doesn’t it feel good?

  3. abbynormally says:

    I’m not really a drinker, but I LOVE Tequila!!! I can’t turn down a margarita!!! And a rum and coke.

    And your salad looks so yummy!

  4. amandapanda1981 says:

    I am normally a beer girl. There is place that is near me called Uncle Julio’s that has this yummy frozen margaritta/sangria mix. You would absolute love it since they load it up with tequilla

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