Seven Beautiful Exposed Reflections

Hey there,

Well it’s a gorgeous Saturday here in Oz. I just wanted to write about something…something that has totally caught me off guard

1. Being nominated by these two ladies for the ‘Beautiful Blogger Award


2. The success of the Exposed Movement

As part of the BBA you are asked to share Seven things about yourself. However, I am going to combine the two and do:

Seven Reflections of the Beautiful Exposed Movement

1. I never thought anyone would care
That’s the I thought it would be something that a couple of people would read about, but I didn’t think it would ever have gotten coverage beyond my blog.

2. I feel honoured to have people share their stories
To have people..even just one..say ‘Yes, I’ll bare all’ blows me away every single time. Reading each and everyone of the blog posts after mine still brings a smile across my face, a tear sometime. It also brings a peace knowing that perhaps they are releasing something negative in their relationships with themselves.

3. Even if not Exposed, people are thinking
There are people who respond sometimes with ‘I am not strong enough to do that’ or ‘I will when I am thinner’ or ‘It’s made me think about my body’. To be honest, that is all that REALLY matters to me. I don’t care if people do or don’t exposed themselves with a picture–that wasn’t my intention. However, what is powerful about this message, is that it enables people to start having a dialogue with themselves…the place you have to start.

4. The stories blow me away
It just reminds me that everyone has a story. Everyone.

5. It’s helped me release negative thoughts and needing to be thin
I have spent a good part of my life wanting/needing to be thin. Always chasing a different and lower number on the scale. It’s helped me to get the point I am today where I am beginning to think ‘Humm, what about being fit and healthy instead of skinny?’

6. If 33, 100, or 1,000 people do it…I just want people to praise their bodies
I get asked ‘How big do you want this to become?’ I always say ‘I don’t care’. Of course the more the better. However, I never set out with a goal to have it into something big…or even have one more person do what I had done. I am just grateful people are reading, discussing, and doing if they feel like it.

7. Men, just as much as women, struggle
This is such a powerful thing. It’s intensely personal and I don’t think that men are warranted the same space to discuss their body image.

Thank you to everyone, who over the past three months have exposed themselves. May the movement continue. May you find a small slice of peace in your life..with the most important person…YOU!

What makes you feel beautiful?


7 thoughts on “Seven Beautiful Exposed Reflections

  1. Lance says:

    It has been so awesome to watch how this has grown. More than that, though, it’s how people have embraced this idea that there IS so much about our bodies to love…if we stop and really look. That’s such a powerful message being sent here – in how what you have started has really gotten so many people to think about how amazing their bodies are…just the way they are…for everyone. And I love that message!

  2. All Women Stalker says:

    You are such an inspiration Mish. So humble, real, and always wanting to reach out.

    I feel beautiful when I get a good night’s sleep, a long cleansing bath, a good meal, and a good workout.

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