Do Dinosaurs eat protein?

I think that dinosaurs like little kids 🙂 L and I went on a ‘date’ to see some pretty crazy looking and REAL looking dinosaurs. First we had to eat lunch were I was instructed to pose with his favouirte car.

We then made our way over to the Dinosaurs are Back display. We walked in and instantly L had his hand in mine. ‘What’s wrong?’ I asked him. ‘I am scared’ he said. We walked into the T-Rex room and he backed up against the wall. I had to coax him into at least taking a picture of me.

After walking around the display two times, he was keen for pictures. He realised that he wasn’t going to be eaten by them 🙂

It’s so nice to be able to have fun with a little kid for a good part of the day. Let me tell ya though..having kids is not in my cards right now. I am just not there yet.

After sleeping the awesome outing off, I woke up and started off with a protein packed brekky. Soaked Quinoa poordige, 1 egg/2egg white omlete, veggies, coffee w/ stevia.

I was talking with my mom today and she said she eats soaked quinoa w/ oats. Man I wish I could have oats. That sounds amazing. I told her to take a picture and send me the recipe.

If you could be a dinosaur, which one would you be?

16 thoughts on “Dinosaurs

  1. missyrayn says:

    Awww kids are great but I’m not ready for them yet either.

    I would totally be a brontosaurus because they have long beautiful necks.

    Love ya girl!

  2. Jen Kamerman-Jenkins says:

    I would be a pterodactyl for sure! all of that flying would be amazing! The pictures of your date are adorable, and it makes me want to drag my six and a half year old son out to see dinosaurs, like, right now!

  3. tra says:

    oh man, i still don’t want kids- possibly from doing 5 years of summercamp counseling.

    dinosaur…hmmm T Rex or a Velociraptor..coz they’re bad ass (see Jurassic park.)

    • Mish says:

      I love summer camp…but they again are very good birth control. I always has camp songs stuck in me head for months afterwards.

  4. love2eatinpa says:

    sweet story!
    i don’t care what kind of dinosaurus i was, as long as i got to eat all day and it didn’t matter to me or anyone else what i looked like. 🙂

  5. Jessica says:

    Lightning McQueen rocks!!! He is my son’s all time fav race car : )

    I was 28 before I was ready for the kiddo – best thing ever!!

  6. All Women Stalker says:

    Kids can sometime be crazy but they’re always fun. Being with them reminds me to let go and trust. L is such a cute boy. i loved how he finally realized that the dinos weren’t going to hurt him.

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