One Liners

I haven’t been on a date in awhile, have you?

‘Hey there, if I drank this garlic infused juice, would you still go out with me?’

(2 celery stalks, handful of spinach, 2 tomatoes, 1 cloves of garlic, 3 stalks of flat leaf parsley)

‘I maybe small, but size doesn’t matter’

(I made these mini muffins with the leftover pulp from my carrot juice. I had four mini-muffins..they were delicious)

‘If I show up at your house sweaty with day-old mascara on, would you think is was from a SPIN class?’

(I got my arse to the gym today and did CORE SPIN–1/2 weight, 1/2 SPINing–death. I also bought a gym membership, so get used to sweaty, day old mascara)

‘I may not be stacked, but I am sweat and will tie you over in the mean time..will that do?’

(1 c. plain lactose free yogurt, 1 TB almonds, 5 drops stevia, 1 tsp. cinnamon)

‘I am a few cards short of a deck…but baby I got wheels’

(I attempted to part my scooter by where I thought there would be shade…need I say more?)

‘I know that I am ancient, but believe me baby I am packed with protein’

(after chruch, I came hom e and made quinoa. I took 1/4 c. of quinoa and boiled it in 3 c. of water for about 20 miuntes–like pasta. You need a fine strainer for this. I added 2 tsp evoo, veggies, s/p and 1 egg)

‘I am American and I blog and I want to meet up, will that do?’

(YES! I met up with a blogger named Sarah@VeganBenefitsBlog. FINALLY A BLOGGER MEET UP! We chatted for awhile and it was so much fun to speak with not only an American, but also with someone who had similiar food likes/dislikes and struggles. I feel like I am finally in the blogger meet-up club!)

‘The longer you let me sit in hot water, the better I become.’

(a pot of green tea with my blogger meet-up)

‘You look hungry, can I serve you this homemade juice I just whipped up?’

(I got hungry after my lunch and decided to curb my appetite with another juice: 2 celery, 1/3 cucumber, 1 tomato, 1 beetroot, 3 drops stevia. I have been longing for home today…Hi Mom! Hi Schpanks!)

‘If I cook for you, can we have a picnic together?’

(I asked my friend Sarah if she’s like to bring L along for an outdoor showing of Alvin and the Chipmunks. She said yes and then proceeded to bring amazing food: hummus, veggies, rice crackers, poached salmon, potato salad w/ NO mayo 🙂 and this amazing cold zuchini mint soup. In heaven)

‘Michelle, will you be my husband someday?’

(I love this kid more than life itself.)

What the best one-liner that you’ve ever heard or been witness to?

8 thoughts on “One Liners

  1. missyrayn says:

    This was such a fun idea for your post today. I enjoyed it thuroughly. The only one liners I’ve ever heard were dumb.

    Except maybe when Hunni asked me how a guy asks a girl on a date and when I told him he should be friends with her first he responded “We’ve been friends for awhile…would you date me?”

  2. 'Drea says:

    Hands down — one of the one-liners on this post: ‘You look hungry, can I serve you this homemade juice I just whipped up?’

    Very cute. In fact, all of the one-liners are cute.

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