A Life Reminder

I had a post ready for you about how my body reacted to today food.

I even had pretty pictures.

However, I had an incident tonight while I was out at a party celebrating Australia Day (think 4th of July…in January). A moment when ‘Michelle, you’re a nurse..can you help please.’ When people stand back and you take charge. Assess. Re-assess. Stabalise.

Then you realise it’s a physical reaction to an emotional hunger. Where life is fragile, intimate, complicated and simple.

I was reminded as I was driving home tonight that we are strong, fragile and complicated human beings. Where our souls are one incident, hug, comment, look away from being crushed or lifted up.

May you set out in your day to perhaps remember that even though a person may look ‘put together’ they’re soul may need a smile.

8 thoughts on “A Life Reminder

  1. love2eatinpa says:

    what a beautiful thought! and you are absolutely right. how many of us put on a fake smile for the outside world even though we are troubled on the inside?

    • Mish says:

      Sometimes it’s the simple and unexplained things which happen in life..which remind us that we are indeed fragile and could always use a smile for sure.

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