Carrots on my Face

It’s The Chic Life Bake Sale for Haiti Today. Oh.My.Heavens. The stuff looks amazing! Please go there, bid, then come back 🙂

I have been blessed with an amazing package of goodies from Yes To Carrots…read below..cause their stuff is Organic and amazing.

I read through MamaPea‘s post

Sure, there are other reasons why I prefer that my kids don’t eat meat, reasons that have to do with the 27 billion animals that are slaughtered each year in the United States, the torturous conditions at factory farms and the environment depleting methane gas, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia that are produced by farmed animals.

I am currently living in residental hall as a supervisor (it’s saving me about 20,000), and the food is sub-par. The meat is DISGUSTING! I mean chicken pieces that aren’t really chicken, that has been over-salted and over preserved.

I got thinking to myself, after Dinneen@EatWithoutGuilt mentioned the breakfast experiment. Basically switching up your breakfasts each day for a week and see how your feel intitally and then two hours later.

As I wrote yesterday, I felt like I was in a haze with my food choices yesterday. I thought back to when I felt great after I ate. It revolved around either a juice or a fresh meal. Juices which are solely vegetable based.

I got thinking, why couldn’t I heal my body with fruits, vegetables, nuts? That’s what our bodies have evolved from eating. Some will aruge that meat was also part of this. However, what was only when it would have been caught. I am going to a new naturopath tomorrow who specialises in vegan diets. I am so excited!

Started my vegetable and fruit filled day with a fresh juice: 2 celery, 2 tomatoes, 1/3 cucumber, 1 carrot

I ate oranges, apples (hurt my tummy), pears today. With meals and between snacks. I also had about 3 TB of nuts as well.

For dinner I had a salad w/ 1/2 c. of quiona, 1 tsp of tahinni and evoo, w/ some sauteed veggies, chickpea and bean salad. I finished off with an orange and apple.

I then came home and had an INTENSE sugar craving and massive withdrawal headache. Part of my detoxing means that I do get headaches sometimes. However…I juiced again. 1/2 cucumber, 3 stalks of celery, 1 tomato, 1 small bunch of spinach.

Then I dug into my LOOT from Yes To Carrots! I was not only feeling like I needed to get my gut under control with my juice, but also my face. So I busted out this bad boy!

What I LOVE about their products is that the ingredients are organic, it’s affordable and it smells good. Oh did I mention, they don’t test on animals and they also give back to planting veggies gardens in under-resourced communities.

What beauty products to do you have, that you LOVE?

10 thoughts on “Carrots on my Face

  1. Erin says:

    That sounds like an incredible product — will definitely be looking out for it. I use St. Ives and like it a lot. 🙂

  2. missyrayn says:

    I don’t use enough beauty products and my skin shows it. But I do love cetaphil for face wash. It is gentle enough for my sensitive skin. Especially since I sweat so much and it does a number on my skin.

  3. gemfit says:

    I love it – I did a face mask last night too! I took photos and all, intending to post about it today. Can you get out of my head please?

    I love my intensive hair conditioner. I love when I use it and my hair feels happy and healthy and the curls just BOUNCE!

  4. All Women Stalker says:

    There’s this local line of beauty products called Human ❤ Nature. It's 100% Filipino, 100% organic, 100% No Harsh Chemicals. The great thing is that it's very affordable and the quality is amazing! I use their shampoos and conditioners, facial moisturizers, hair mask, lip balm, and facial cleanser. Search them on the net. You will love what they have to offer. I don't think they ship internationally, though.

  5. laurie gillies says:

    Mish, Mish, Mish….

    I can’t stand it anymore!!! Somehow I found your blog and have been checking in regularly. I’ve watch you struggle with a sugar (and basic carb) addiction, and I simultaneously want to reach out and strangle you, or hug you until you cry…….

    If I ate like you do, focused on fruits and vegetables and a few heathy grains, I would never have lost the 53 lbs. I lost (183 to 133) from March to November. Nor would I have kept my sanity, assuming I have any….lol

    I lost my weight eating an average of 1800 to 2000 calories a day, some days more.. AND I just turned 51!!!!

    How did I do it????

    Meat, girlfriend, MEAT, and WHOLE eggs and full fat salad dressing, and fruit, and lots of vegetables, and yogurt, and whole grain bread (occaisionally), potatoes (every so often), brown rice (1/3 cup a few times a week).

    Protein is what satisfies, fat is what keeps us feeling fed and nourished, that is what we evolved upon, not fruits veggies and nuts!!!!

    I didn’t ‘write everything I ate’ down like a child who had to be monitored. At my age, I (like you) know all about calories, fats, proteins and carbs. I just did a rough calculation at the end of the day. I also walked an hour a day in the woods with the dog, sometimes twice., and did some upperbody freeweights………..

    You are making it so hard on yourself!!!! You already know that grains fatigue you (and yet you insist on baking) and they lead to large inhalation of more carbs.
    We are NOT herbivores, we are carnivores, and you need to cut into some hefty full fat steaks with plenty of veggies (like a good aboriginal Austrailian). Ever seen a fat one??? Me neither……

    I love your blog, I think you have done great things (EXPOSED) for womankind, but you need to step up to the plate and eat like a MAN!!!!

    • Mish says:

      I appreciate your passion and I think that a meat eating diet is for many people. However, it is not one that I will exercise while I am living where I am living because 1. the meat served is NOT organic and/or free range and/or hormone free 2. I can’t afford to buy meat on a student income 3. I think that unless I would buy direct from a farmer and/or grow my own meat — the farming practices are appealing and I will not support them.

      That is just my personal opinion. I don’t condemn anyone who eats me, because, like you said, it’s helped you stay healthy.

  6. laurie gillies says:

    Ahhh, sorry, I forgot to mention that cashews and smoked almonds played a big role as well. Never ate fruit without protein and fat along with it. Carbs without protein and fat to slow down the assimilation creates too much of an insulin response (as all carbs do) and insulin is a FAT STORING HORMONE!

    These days most breakfasts are bacon and eggs, or boiled eggs with ketchup, or a few nuts on the way to the dog park Every steak (or chicken with the skin on) is accomanied by copious amounts of vegetables. Some meals are just fruit, yogurt and nuts, if I am craving something swee. Because I get enough protein and fat every meal, I go 4-6 hours before I even think about eating again…..

    That never happened when I tried the low fat, high grain/carb way of eating. I was fixated on food and my next meal…….

    I sincerely hope this helps, if it doesn’t make it to the blog, that’s okay too, I tried……..

    • Mish says:

      I think your point of adding fat and protein with every meal is an important one. It’s really about finding balance and that’s something which I am constantly reminding myself of. Esp. since I have dieted so much, allowing fat into my diet has been a struggle, but it’s getting easier. I LOVE walnuts.

  7. Liz says:

    My Mom gave me Yes to Carrots lip balm for Xmas and I adore it! Other lip balms either make my lips feel really gunky, or make them burn! None of that with Yes to Carrots…I’ll have to look up some of their other products!

    • Mish says:

      I love their lipglosses as well. They taste good, they tingle w/ mint and have good colour. Thanks for lettimg me know that you like them as well.

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