I completed my FIRST HANDSTAND today!

For a couple of days, I’ll be basking in the glory of doing something that I NEVER thought I’d be able to do. I just simply visualised myself doing and completing it. I never gave up. I had to throw the doubt away. It was bliss.

I am taking a break from blogging and twitter (not google reader). I’ll see you in Feb.


23 thoughts on “Break

  1. eaternotarunner says:

    That is amazing! That is something I don’t think I could ever do…but who knows I guess….

  2. love2eatinpa says:

    enjoy your break!
    and in response to your comment on mizfit about what you can do on the treadmill… vary the incline and the speed. if your treadmill has programs, use them, they are fun!

  3. MrsFatass says:

    A. Great work on the handstand!

    B. Who the WHAT now? What is this BREAK you speak of? Holy crapballs, woman, you gotta warn a hotass first. I MISS YOU!

  4. kelsey says:

    WAY TO GO!!
    I did my first one last saturday too! it is unbelievable isn’t it… something seeming so impossible, then, through work and focus, UP you go!

    You’re a rock star… can’t wait for you to come back. πŸ˜€


  5. gemfit says:

    Woohoo on the handstand!

    WHAT WHAT on the break but then I realised that Feb is MONDAY so I’m safe. I can deal with 2 days. No more though, understand?

  6. Mad Woman says:

    That’s awesome! I haven’t been able to do one in years. The last time I tried, I just about broke my shoulder. I’m so impressed!! Good for yoU!

  7. Reluctant Blogger says:

    Your most recent post won’t let me leave a comment. Not sure if that is intentional or not?

    I am very very very very very impressed with the handstand. I have not done a handstand for about 30 years. My wrists are too weak now and my conviction far too weak.

    I wish you would see yourself as others see you, Michelle. Because I think if you could do that – just for a few minutes even – your self-doubt would just melt away.

    I cannot tell you how strong and beautiful you are, how your sharing does so much to inspire and give strength to others. You are far more than the sum of yours parts – you are one of the most extraordinary people I have come across. You are 25 years old and you never cease to amaze me.

    What you are is nothing to do with weight or bingeing or eating or even handstands – I don’t have the words for it but you are inspirational.

    I wish you could see that . . .

  8. Susan says:

    I’ll miiissss youuu!!! Just know I’m always here for ya πŸ™‚ As for the doubt mentioned in your most recent post – I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little self-doubt, especially since it’s almost impossible to shed. It’s breaking through that doubt that matters. Coming through to the other side knowing you overcame your own hurdle πŸ™‚

  9. jessicaconte says:

    OH, it is almost February! I can’t seem to comment on your most recent post, so I will comment here. I look forward to reading your inspirational thoughts when you return. I’m going to try and be like you and figure out my own issues while you are away.

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