Epic February–HUGE Annoucements

Yeah…I know…it’s not exactly February yet, but my break is over.

This brings me to some HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS


I have made a new tab for it. I literally was washing dishes this morning in PJs, bed head and day old mascara when I thought to myself ‘why not have everyone that I can think of write about what they love about themselves!”

So I have e-mailed some bloggers. If I haven’t e-mailed you I probably don’t have your e-mail and/or I spaced out–I am a blonde 😉

Here’s the premise:

  • Answer ‘what do you love about yourself?’ -and/or- ‘what have you come to love about yourself?’ -and/or- ‘what are you working on?’
  • Send to me or leave in comment space of ‘Self Love’
  • I will compile all that are sent to me (eatingjourney at gmail.com) and each day I will post a new snipet from everyone who sends them to me through the month of February.

I wrote about being your own Light (it’s Christian based) and it’s true regardless of what you believe in. The most important thing is that you let your light shine. I will discuss more about this later. But really..get your love on would ya!


I am going Vegan. Yep, that’s right. Why?

  • MamaPea
  • I have survived Vegan 4 A Week!
  • I can’t afford organic eggs/meat–so I will NOT be eating anything that I can’t afford
  • I don’t eat dairy anyways
  • I feel better
  • I almost vomit every time I see videos of slaughter houses and I will NEVER be able to get the image of how they de-skin cows out of my mind.

YOGA: ‘A Month of Tree Poses’

I am going to be doing at least ONE 20 minute download form yogadownload.com five days a week. This will in addition to my cardio/weight routine that has been laid out by my trainer and I. After doing my handstand the other day (and practicing all weekend long) I realise that my mind/body/soul needs-wants-desires yoga more!

HUGE announcements. If you want to join one, two, or three of them this month–I would love for you to join with me. I can send you the graphic file for you widgets on your blog.

I know it’s seems a bit EPIC, but let me tell you. I am back. I am shinning. I am healthy. I am ME!

When in your life have you challenged yourself?

30 thoughts on “Epic February–HUGE Annoucements

  1. Cleo says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you’re back with a vengeance, and so soon! You inspire everyone who reads your blog, this was a nice little surprise to stumble over! 🙂

  2. christie @ honoring health says:

    yay! I think this is awesome!

    I am already doing a personal yoga challenge on my blog, yoga for 365 days but for me, I am doing the challenge because it is important to me that I develop a home practice. One without dvd’s, podcasts or studios. Some days I will do those things, sure, but in general, it is really important to me to get that time with my mat each day.

  3. love2eatinpa says:

    you are so awesome! how many people can take a step back from their lives, regroup, and then come back with these positive, epic ideas about their lives and what they are going to work on.
    and though you have always been shining to us, it’s fabulous that you are feeling that way on the inside now. rock on!

  4. Erin says:

    Wow, you have an incredible and inspiring February coming up! I can’t wait to see where this journey goes…

    I’m not going 100% vegan forever but have temporarily cut dairy (was already a veggie) out for a month after dealing with some stomach and skin issues. If going vegan sorts things out, maybe it’s a permanent change. We’ll see…

  5. Heather says:

    I’m trying to be more involved in the blogosphere =) so i’m gonna answer your ending question. chanllanged myself? the biggest challange in my life was switching from working full time as a therapist and going to school full time to being a stay at home mom with the birth of my son.

    It caused MASSIVE post partum depression, and i gained nearly 100lbs in a little over a year. i started out weighing 312lbs and now i’m around 218- 220lbs….i still have a ways to go but honestly losing the weight (and still losing it) wasn’t as hard as the trasition from going to work school to being a stay at home mom, even though i know it was for the best.

    • Mish says:

      That is a very interesting topic to write about. I think that people think (I haven’t had kids) that being a mom is the BEST thing in the world. I think that it is. However, it’s mother trucking hard work. I remember when I was babysitting and thinking..I am exhausted and now I get why women turn to food after they have their babies. They’re exhausted, emotionally drained, constantly giving and want to ‘feel good’. Keep going.

  6. challenges2010 says:

    I never did say before because I was too shy and admittedly lazy but leading up to the new year you had a lot of posts that could have been written by me and helped get me motivated to get going on turning my health around. So I’m glad to see you back and happy.
    Good luck with all your new endeavours.

    • Mish says:

      Thank you. I think the thing with NY Resos is that sometimes people don’t make them from their heart. Meaning, it’s not really what they want to do..it’s what they think they should be doing. This is from my heart.

  7. missyrayn says:

    I want to join you with the yoga. I miss it when I don’t do it and 20 minutes isn’t too much.

    And I love the concept you have designed for the month.

  8. Jasmine says:

    You really made me think when i stumbled upon this blog today…and that’s not something I can say of many people.
    Thankyou, and good luck!

  9. Steena says:

    Ooooh! 🙂 I like the month of tree poses! I may have to get in on that action!

    Wow, lots of great changes for you, good luck!

  10. abbynormally says:

    Im excited for you going Vegan! Cant wait to hear more.. and I love Mama Pea too! She makes me want to be vegan and have kids. lol.

  11. Maria says:

    I think your Epic Announcements are fabulous! I have a few announcements coming tonight as well. Must be the end of January and comfort in the knowledge that winter is winding down and we are capable of anything we set our minds to. CONGRATS and KEEP IT UP!!

  12. intentionalfamily says:

    Your blog is just wonderful. Your announcement concerning your going vegan made me wonder……would you reconsider if you took care of the flock that your organic products from whence your organic products came? Again, just curious.

    • Mish says:

      To be honest..if I raised it and knew exactly what went into it..I would would eat eggs for sure. Meat..not too sure. But I would consider it in moderation. It’s a huge health concern for me and since I can’t afford organic/free range and I do NOT want to support factory farms I will stick this way. However, you’re point is one I would consider. Thank you for writing this.

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