Personal First Aid Kit

A Self-Love reflection from Marisa

This is probably one of the hardest questions anyone has asked me.  It’s so difficult to highlight things that I love (or even like, for that matter!) about myself when I’ve spent many years highlighting all the things I hate.  So, this needed some thought and introspection.  And although this is a bit uncomfortable since I’m not always “yay, me” but rather “yay, other people”, I decided to approach this like I would if I was telling these things to a friend.  Does that make sense?  Okay, here goes…

What I LOVE about myself:

  1. I always have a smile on my face, whether I’m happy or not and I love to laugh. 😀
  2. I have come to love my curvy body.  I will never be “stick thin” and have finally realized that I don’t want to be anyway.  Curves are where it’s at!
  3. I am still working on accepting my stretch marks.  They are everywhere…arms..stomach..legs..lower back.  I have dreams of being comfortable enough to wear a tank top and not feel embarassed about these scars.  One day… 🙂

When your stressed/angry/down in the dumps/annoyed/lonely/tired…what do you turn to?

Today started off shit and I refused to dig into my old habits of sugar, ice cream and eating. I won’t go into the details…but I was on a conference call with MizFit and Dinneen for their JumpStart international group seminar-like 4 week program. It’s great and I suggest anyone do it. However, about 20 minutes into it I had to drop off the call because of an unexpected thing coming up that I wasn’t informed about.

I felt annoyed, pissed and disrespected. I went to the fridge and started coping with walnuts…I made myself sit down after thinking about the comments here. I then picked up an apple and 1/2 way through said ‘Michelle, you’re NOT hungry’. I put the 1/2 eaten apple back in the fridge.

I marched myself down to a cafe and decompressed. I got some work done, made some phone calls and then remembered that I had this.

Welcome to my Personal First Aid Kit. MizFit is the one who started it and she gets all the credit.

What I like about this, is the MizFit stresses having something to hit all of the five senses. (touch,taste,hear,smell,see)


I love the idea of putting on a mudmask and unwinding, because I love facials. It’s an easy way to step back, put it on, lay down on your bed for 15 minutes and chill out. Then take a hot steamy shower/bath and let it all go. Then you’ve got a nice relaxed shine.


Oh my heavens…I love this tea. I love it more than life itself. It makes me happy EVERYTIME I drink it and it’s sweet.


I got this medication CD from a friend. There’s quick five minute and longer 15 minute ones. It’s the perfect thing to do…maybe put a mudmask on and do it?


I have this IKEA candle that smells like cinnamon apples. It’s so yummy and burning a candle is sometimes all that you need.


Pictures of me, my family, and travels to India.

Letters from people that have meant a lot to me, as well as the “Love” book that my friend made for me with bible verses that keep me going.


I don’t know if this is a sense, but sometimes the act of doing just 1 page of a session is all that I need to get out of the funk that I am in.

It’s about tapping into things that make you escape from wherever you are in your life at the moment.

What would be in your first aid kit? Do you have one?

20 thoughts on “Personal First Aid Kit

  1. Nicole @ Geek Turned Athlete says:

    I love the whole idea of this! I have candles all over my house, and lighters everywhere. Whenever I get stressed, I make some tea, light some candles, and start flipping through my wedding pics. They always cheer me up! Or, I do about 10 sun salutations to clear my head. It really works!

  2. MizFit says:

    posting mine on monday as well.

    THANKS FOR DOING THIS and for not being a skeptic, Mich, but jumping in and embracing my harebrained ideas 🙂

  3. Rachel says:

    I LOVE this idea!! I feel like we sort of naturally do this when we are stressed but it makes way more sense to have all the things you’ll need ready to go!

  4. love2eatinpa says:

    ugh, sorry your day started off crappy, but good for you for being able to put on the brakes and nip the food medication in the bud! and kudos for remembering the awesome “first aid kit”.
    hmmm, what would i iput in mine, good question… some decaf green tea, a good book and an afgan it would get me out of the kitchen and cozied up in another room in the house, not near the kitchen and i would lose track of time.

  5. Reluctant Blogger says:

    Oh look there’s Jackie! I just did 25 mins with Jackie.

    During the day I am SO good – I never give in to comfort anything. I work, if I feel too stressed to do that, I do yoga, go for a walk, run. I am fab during the day.

    But I always feel the evenings should be my relaxing time. I do run 2 evenigns a week but fairly early on. By 9pm I don’t want to be doing exercise or anything really. And that’s where I fall down – I don’t turn to food (well rarely) but I cannot resist red wine. And I drink too much. Well, not recently, I haven’t drunk anything at all since 2 Jan but I have a tendency to do so. And I really don’t think a pack would work for me – I prob need to do what I do in the day, change my thinking and be active if I get driven to drink too much.

    Sorry you had a bad start to your day. But glad you turned it round.

  6. missyrayn says:

    I don’t have one but you just made me cry with that. I need one of those so I don’t turn to the girl scout cookies like I did last night. This will be fun to put together.

    • Mish says:

      It was amazing how powerful it was to sit and just be with things that calmed me down, made me happy, and reminded me that it was all ok.

  7. s. says:

    that is a GREAT idea. something to remind you of what really matters. i am a huge believer in the facials and 15 minute meditation! i do it all the time.

    glad you had the power to turn your day around!

  8. All Women Stalker says:

    I actually tried making a depression survival kit. It had cards with things I wanted to do that are not related to food or anything sad. Just things that made me move and be happy. But I think MizFit’s idea of a 5-senses kit is awesome! Celestial seasonings is awesome tea!

    The things I’d have in my kit would probably be: (and I think I’m going to actually have to work on it)
    Touch – organic hair mask and body scrub
    Taste – Good Earth Vanilla Caramel Rooibos Tea
    Hear – mix cd of my favorite songs,
    Smell – anything vanilla
    See – photos of loved ones, a compilation of comedy shows
    Do – Yoga workout

  9. Shannon Fab Fattie says:

    That first aid kit is probably one of the best ideas I have ever seen!

    Love what you said in the other post about your grandparents. So true they love your core.
    Today I made a commnet that years can go by but the core of someone remains the same. It is important we love our core and can be proud of it. Yours is FABULOUS!

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