Dress A, B or C?

A Self-Love reflection from Jen

–Literally what you love:
I love my sense of humor and my crazy love for music.  My creativity.  My dedication to friends and family.

–What you’ve come to love:
My place in the blogging world.  My obsessive nature.  The ups and downs of my moods and brain craziness.  My writing.

–What you’re working on:
Love for my body.  It’s a tough one, but I’m working on it every day through the support of friends in the blogging community and in my own mind. 🙂

I have to admit, that I went shopping yesterday..opps. I went to Flower and I LOVE this shop. It’s one of those shops that actually makes clothes for WOMEN. Curves, flattering, simple, classy, good craftsmanship.

All the clothes I bought and tried on were only 50.00 a piece. Normally between 70-130.00. I LOVE sales. I usually only shop sales to be totally honest. Taking a page from Jen’s book…the i-phone fashion show.

So…which one did I pick?

Dress A:

Dress B:

Dress C:

After my post on making change in my life..I decided that I just have to PUSH through not wanting to add fitness to my life and sitting on my ass. I ran down to the gym and cranked out this:

  • MJ’s hell outwork and I am getting through it!!!
  • 20 minutes on treadmill
    • 1 minute warm up.
    • 1 min: 7% @6.0kmph
    • 1 min: 8% @7.0kmph
    • 1 min: 9%@7.0kmph
    • 1 min: 10%@7.0kmp
      • repeat four times
    • 3 min: 0%@10kmp

I was ONE hot sweaty mess. However, I loved it. I am such a creature of intense workouts. I just don’t have it in my, right now, to run 15 miles, spend 1 hour on treadmill.

Wham bam Thank You mam’.

Then I went to the opening of the Perth International Arts Festival. SO COOL!

People inside and outside of this suspended huge ball harnessed in. Once they got to the bottom them were flying around inside of it.

Then people suspended from the ‘lighting’ rig of a stage from a crane. SO COOL.

Today is my first day back to work after a six week holiday. I have mixed feelings. Part of me loves that I am back into a routine. But to be honest, I have LOVED every single ounce of this sex SIX (I re-read my post and realised what I wrote…a mental lusting?) weeks of doing nothing 🙂

So, which dress: A, B or C?

26 thoughts on “Dress A, B or C?

  1. Anna says:

    All look great but B is definitely my favorite. Depending on what type of events you want to wear the dress to A might be a cool choice for a different & more unique dress. I think B for going out on the town an A for wearing during the day or going out at night or just to mix things up.

  2. Michelle says:

    I hope dress A because you had the biggest smile in that picture!!! All three are GORGEOUS on you tho! :] I almost want to say, since they were on sale, you got all three! :]

    Clothes are sometimes my motivation. Can’t binge if you want to look hot, now can you.. :]

  3. kwithme says:

    I really liked dress A, but I am partial to defined waists and blue. Next C, looked great. I am not fond of B, it was not the most flattering of the three.

    You look great!

  4. MB says:

    You look great in all the dresses.

    Where are you planning on wearing the dresses? I like both B and C. B for a hot date and C for lunch or ??


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