Was it A,B or C with the Wine?

A Self-Love reflection from Mary

I love that I try to love myself.  It doesn’t matter if I have bad days or good days, I’m always working on trying to love everything about myself.  Instead of giving up and focusing on the negative, I make a conscious effort to work on changing the less positive thoughts into glowing reviews of myself.  I love that daily effort to think positively about myself, like I would automatically think about a friend.

So which dress did I chose?

You must power up with food before you take your dress out on the town..let me tell ya.

Then I met up with Sarah to go to the Opera.

She’s vegan, American, and cute…and a GREAT cook!

‘So we have 25 minutes before the Opera. Wine, coffee, walk?’ I say
‘I could use a glass of wine!’ she beams back
‘Perfect’ I exclaim

Then we headed to the Opera. I have to be honest, I have never watched an Opera before and have never been to one before.

I don’t know if I was sold on it. I appreciate it as art, I do most things. However, I was tired and the glass of wine made me sleepy. Not only that but the wine was festering in the Yeastball. It’s amazing how if I eat and/or drink something that the Yeastball loves..then I INSTANTLY get gasey and bloated (TMI, I know).

We left after the first Act and headed to coffee.

I am so glad that I found Sarah. She has been such an amazing American hit of friendship here. We have similarly different paths, thoughts on life, but a common ground that is SO refreshing. Have friends like that?


19 thoughts on “Was it A,B or C with the Wine?

  1. love2eatinpa says:

    you look fabulous in the dress and it sounds like you had a great time.
    it’s great that you found sarah. i’m sure she feels the same about you. everyone comes into your life for a reason…

  2. Sarah says:

    Yay! It was loads of fun!! And you looked lovely 🙂

    I looked up that opera afterward because, to be honest, it didn’t grab me and I had never heard of it! Turns out it was written by a composer I had never heard of either: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Grimes. I think I didn’t like it because it didn’t have the things I love about opera: the ornate dress with layers upon layers of fabric, the outlandish makeup, the hyperbole and metaphors and ways of speaking that we just don’t use anymore. It was (dare I say it?) too modern for my taste! However, the night was lovely and I am happy I got my opera fix. Chatting with you over coffee and wine was way better anyway!

    Since you share my love of cereal, you should try making buckwheat crispies! You just soak buckwheat groats for about 8 hours, then dehydrate them. I use the sun to dehydrate mine by putting it on cookie sheets on my balcony (you could use the oven too, at the lowest setting). They are bland, but then you jazz them up with fruit and nuts. And they’re raw 🙂

    • Mish says:

      going to soak my buckwheat right now. I need something other thank special K and raisin bran.

      I loved coffee..must do again. 🙂

  3. All Women Stalker says:

    I knew it! Dress A! I could see it in the way you smiled when you had it on in the fitting room. I also do that when I like a piece of clothing. You look lovely in it! Great choice!

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