Feeling Beautiful?

A Self Love reflection from Diana

When I was younger I used to dislike being of mixed nationalities (my mom is Filipina and my dad is American) because I used to get made fun of for being different. Over the years, I’ve learned to embrace being different and that being different can sometimes be a good thing. Now I love being half Filipina!

I am still working on my Coconut Porn post which I alluded to yesterday.

I wanted to share my second to last Transform Me weekly check-in.

When do you feel beautiful?


7 thoughts on “Feeling Beautiful?

  1. love2eatinpa says:

    oh michelle, that was so awesome, you had my eyes filling up too! how wonderful that you have found that place in your life.
    YES, you are beautiful and it’s so great that you are recognizing it.
    think of where you were a month or two ago and look how far you have come. so much awareness and growth! it is wonderful and inspirational to read/watch you, so thanks for sharing!

  2. John says:

    Got to agree you are beautiful.Even when you put up a pic of your sweaty self you look good!

    As for myself I’d say just 6 weeks in to my goal of losing weight I find myself thinking I’m starting to look beautiful….ahhhhh… I mean handsome 🙂

    As for the blog I don’t think you need to focus every post on weight loss and/or thoughts on it. Eating Journey can go down the road less travelled and I’m sure we’ll still follow along and support you.

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