The Million Dollar Question: Oz or USA?

I like questions.

In fact, I remember in 2nd grade, my teacher said that I could only ask five questions a day. He gave me new pieces of paper each day.

I asked too many questions. (bottom left hand corner w/ purple pants on)

Who let me tuck my shirt in like that?


I remember when I first moved to Australia the question was how long was I going to stay there.

I mean, who doesn’t love splashing in the ocean at sunset?


I also like being part of the ‘cool kids’ club and thought, I’d sign up a little EatingJourney account on FormSpring

Don’t you like asking burning questions, where you don’t have to put down your name?

From ‘Sally’ :

Ok, sorry if I missed this info, I’m just getting to know you and your blog. What nursing spec. are you most interested in? Also, why are you in Australia for school? And lastly, do you want to make your home in Australia for good?

First of all I love it when you can throw three questions into one. I do that pretty much all the time. It’s more efficient. I really REALLY want to due rural, country, and/or disaster relief nursing. My whole goal of becoming a nurse is to work overseas. I am not too sure how that bodes with babes and potentially a man (the date from last has texted me, but we’ll see if it goes anywhere). It’s a hard sell when you’re trying to balance ‘selfish’ endeavours with that of starting family at some point.

I moved to Australia to work for an American university while running their Study Abroad program at a local Australian university. I did that Director job for 2 years and then started working full time for the Australian university. In July 2009, after 3 years of being here, I decided to go back to school to become a nurse in Oz. So, it’s been over 3 1/2 years now that I’ve lived here.

The Million Dollar Question: Do you want to make Australia you home for good? MAN, oh MAN. (mom and grandma don’t read this). Most likely yes (goes and vomits). I can’t believe that I am writing that. When I first moved here it was for 1 year, then it turned into 2, then into 3 1/2 and now by the end of my course it will be 5 1/2 years. THAT’S 1/2 a decade! I will most likely apply of Permanent Residency (PR) and do nursing here in Oz for a couple of years then go overseas….that’s if I am not married and/or prego (dear god I hope not.

Do you ever ask people, direct questions? Ie: so what’s going on with you and her? did you hit it?

Sometimes I just get impatient and want to get to the point. I did that to my poor cousins wife..’are you pregnant?’…cause I knew that she was.


She goes ‘Michelle, you always now how to ask the right questions, you just know. Yes we are…you’re the first person to know’. I have a prego radar.
It hasn’t backfired yet…thank god.

So…do you got a question?


10 thoughts on “The Million Dollar Question: Oz or USA?

  1. Nicole @ Geek Turned Athlete says:

    Haha. I would be careful about the pregger question. I’ve been around people where they haven’t been so lucky. It’s pretty funny from a bystander’s viewpoint though. πŸ™‚

    I have been deemed as being blatantly honest as well. It can be a blessing and a hindrance!

  2. Helen says:

    The only problem with the preggo question is when someone asks that and you AREN’T. (Can you tell I’ve had that happen to me?) Well, it’s not a problem for me because I get to see them squirm when I say, “Why no? Why on earth did you think that?”

    • gemfit says:

      I’ve had the same question (phrased more like “when are you due?” than “are you…” and I was astounded. And this was a DOCTOR treating me for an eye infection. Bah!

      So I stay FAR FAR away from the prego question. Even if it’s totally obvious, I wait until I’m told.

  3. sybil says:

    I’m an American with permanent residency in Australia (5 years so far). I love the USA, and I doubt I would ever give up my citizenship….but there is NO WAY I’m leaving Australia. I adore it here and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

    I enjoy your blog, Mish!

  4. Lara (Thinspired) says:

    How funny about the pregnancy question–I did that to my sister!

    I was wondering about whether or not Oz would be your permanent home. I’m glad someone asked because I wasn’t sure if you covered it already before I started reading πŸ™‚

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