Stats Sunday: Top Three

A Self-Love reflection from Teresa

‘What do you love about yourself?’ I love my can do spirit.  I don’t give up and I’ve instilled that into my children as well.  It doesn’t matter if I’m not at my best, I can always get it done and it makes me feel GREAT!

‘What have you started loving about yourself?’ My lower half of my body.  Majority of my life I was very thin but I had a huge butt.  After having children I “grew” into my body but it wasn’t until about 5 yrs ago that I truly began to realize the power in my lower half and fell in love with my curves.  I’ve come to love them even more everyday.

‘What are you working on? My top half 🙂 I love weight training and I’ve seen the progress in the last year to see the true definition of strength.  Not only am I stronger and can do more, my guns are looking good!!!! Now the focus is strengthening my core so that I can complete my half marathon and other races and be an all around strong, fit diva!

Online Must Do’s

1. Read Lance’s Post —> amazing
2.Watch Mrs. Fatass’ video —> a virtual threesome talking about sex/intimacy/weight/body image — very cool
3. Ask me a question —> will be answering throughout the week.

Grossing Movies of All-Time

1. Avatar: 2.3 billion
2. Titanic: 1.8 billion
3. Lord of the Rings: 1.1 billion

Breakfast Cereals

1. Cheerios
2. Special K
3. Honey Bunches of Oats

Girl’s Names of 2009

2. Emily
3. Elizabeth

Boy’s Names in 2009

1. Aiden
2. Jayden/Jaden
3. Michael

Three Five Blogs of 2009 in Australia/New Zealand

1. Girl With a Satchel (winner)
2. Tokyo Girl Down Under
3. Sleepless Nights
4. MagnetoBoldToo!
5. Three Ring Circus

I am spent. Tomorrow is my FIRST Nursing class!

Give me your Top Three!

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