12 Weeks: A Reflection

I started Transform Me 12 Weeks ago.

It started out as a ‘weight loss’ vlog
1/3 of the way through I got rid of my scale
I decided I wanted more than to be attached to weight
I have found myself somewhere in these 8 minutes of vlogs


  • Bust: 39.9″ —> 37.6″ (-1.3″)
  • High Waist: 30.2″ —> 30.3″ (+.1)
  • Belly Button: 32.6″ —-> 31.8″ (-.8)
  • Hips: 42.3″ —> 42.2″ (-.1)
  • Thigh: 24.8″ —> 24.8″ (-.0)
  • Calf: 15.2″ —> 15.2″ (-.0)

To be honest I was shocked that I had lost anything. I have been SO stuck on weight, that I haven’t realised that losing inches is a good thing. A measurable thing. A sense of accomplishment. They always say that “you gain it from the bottom up and lose it from the top down”. Well, it looks like I am starting something pretty awesome.

I have NEVER EVER done something and stuck to it. I have never completed a marathon training schedule. A work out routine. A week-free from bingeing.

I completed this.
I feel accomplished.
I feel transformed.

Ever done something, stuck to it, seen results? What was it?


14 thoughts on “12 Weeks: A Reflection

  1. love2eatinpa says:

    wow, michelle, what a great montage! it was cool to watch you growing in your awareness and getting closer to your true self. your journey is an inspiration! thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Jen Kamerman-Jenkins says:

    first off, congrats on the amazing progress, you should be proud. you inspire me to want to continue in my recovery from anorexia and make friends with my body again. Ten years ago, I suddenly decided it was time to transform myself. I had weighed 250 pounds (at five foot six) for six years, after having been naturally thin until I was twenty one. I lost 152 pounds in eleven short months. I went from couch potato to going to the gym six days a week, doing yoga once a week and eating very cleanly. I kept it going strong for two years, until I could not stop losing, and hovered at dangerously low levels, between 90 and 98 pounds for nearly a decade. But those first two years were a revelation, after being the girl who always said, “Oh who cares, I’ll always be fat and unhappy. This is what I am now. I will eat whatever I want, and then start dieting on Monday, Monday…Monday.
    Now, when I feel bad and I do not like my post-treatment body (I had to gain forty pounds last year in order to get released from an inpatient eating disorders clinic for my anorexia) I remember what I did and how strong I was, how once my body was my friend. It carried me so many places that I need to be kind to it, now.
    Once again, feel proud, Mish. You are amazing.

  3. KatieP says:

    “I have NEVER EVER done someone and stuck to it.”
    Was that a Freudian slip?? LOL
    Congratulations on your progress — you are beautiful x

  4. MizFit says:

    wow wow wow woman.

    I am hoping that, on march 8th, I can say that i did the same.

    that I completed the halfmarathon while LAUGHING and ENJOYING THE PROCESS.

    that, for me, would be mission accomplished.

  5. Reluctant Blogger says:

    Oh yes, that’s fab. Well done.

    I suppose running was the thing I stuck with. I had never run. I decided I would start running and I built it up gradually and I have stuck with it for about 10 years now. I have phases of doing it very little but I never let myself give it up because I know how good it makes me feel.

  6. RNegade says:

    “It’s about…nurturing your soul…”

    Out of all the great ideas you’ve expressed, the above rings most powerful.

    When I nurture my soul, I nurture my body. When I honor my soul, and listen to my inner power, I learn ways to care for myself and others. As an RN, this is a critical process.

    Nurses have a rare chance to touch others–emotionally, physically and spiritually–and this work of love is enhanced beyond belief when I listen to the whispers of my soul. Thanks so much for sharing from your heart. I sometimes forget, in moments of despair, that there are beautiful people like you, striving to contribute in a positive way.

    Our world is better, and more beautiful, because you are here!

  7. eaternotarunner says:

    That is so awesome! Losing inches is better than losing weight, and more importantly you look amazing and are inspiring people along the way!

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