Triatholon Baker

I can’t believe it..this is my last guest post on EJ. Mixed feelings about ending my blog…but I am SO thankful that Lisa from BikeBakeBlog is posting today. She’s Australian…not just an American living in Oz. A true Aussie. She is a baker, triathlon runner, and just a great person to read everyday. You’ll be inspired by her approach to fitness and FOOD!

I hope that you check out her blog and show her some international love.



“Triathlon Baker”

Thankyou to the lovely Michelle for giving me a chance to provide a guest post on her blog.

My name is Lisa and I regularly blog at Michelle enquired about my journey into fitness, which got me wondering just how I got to where I am today…


I was always an active child. I played tennis for 8 years, and tried my hand at athletics, gymnastics and dancing. I also have fond memories of camping and hiking with my dad, anything outdoors really. I was young, active and healthy, and body image was not something I ever worried about.

When I hit 13, things seemed to change. Yes I was still playing tennis 3 days a week, but I became conscious of my body and critical of what I saw. I can’t remember anything particular happening to make me feel this way, it was just as if I woke up one day and didn’t like my reflection in the mirror. Looking back now I just want to give that 13 year girl a big hug, and tell her that all will be ok.

I moved interstate when I was 17, to start university. Suddenly I was in a new city, with no family, yet with a freedom I had never had when living at home. I was working to pay my way through uni, making poor food choices, and ‘fitness’ had all but disappeared from my life. Sure I played social sport (netball, touch etc) but I had no regular routine. I would find myself in cycles where I would restrict what I ate, try some crazy diet, only to have it all come apart. Not surprisingly, this left me feeling worse than ever. I was tired, unhappy and unhealthy. Deep down I knew that something had to change.

After I finished uni and started a full time job, I met Mr BBB. Suddenly my life was not just about me, but about this wonderful man I had been lucky enough to meet.

Around this time I realised I had a choice to make. I could stay an unhappy party girl, or I could grow up. Simple as that. And guess what? I decided to change.


I chose a happy and healthy lifestyle. No longer was I spending the weekends (and some weeknights) at the pub. Rather, I was enjoying my new relationship, cooking meals and generally living life. I loved cooking healthy meals.


I joined a gym, developed a regular fitness regime, and was generally happier with who I was becoming. I could feel the “young” active Lisa coming back and I loved it. Basically, I started to love me again.

In 2007 I decided to compete in a short triathlon. This was definitely another turning point . I bought a bike, developed a training program, and loved the variety of training for a triathlon.


My first race was, well, rather unimpressive, but I finished the race and it only made me hungry for more. I returned to that same race in 2008 and shaved nearly 20 minutes off my previous time. To say that I was elated is an understatement.


Since that time I have made health and fitness a big part of my life. Sure I have days / weeks where I don’t spend any time running or hitting the gym. But, these moments are generally fleeting, and I no longer equate such moments with failure or inadequacy.


Competing in races has shown just how strong my body and mind can be, and allowed me to feel a sense of achievement. They also give me motivation to train, and to keep training regularly.


I also made a conscious decision to throw out the scale and learn to be happy in my own skin. And to be honest, I have never been happier. Are there days where I overindulge? Of course. But do I let these days drag me back to the self loathing state I was once in? No. Was this an easy transition to make? No. Is it still a work in progress? I think so.

So what would my advice be to the “old” me? Simple. Don’t waste time focusing on the bad, but celebrate the good. Every day can represent a new beginning. Be excited about what the future holds, and know that you have a CHOICE as to what sort of future you want to have.

I am truly excited about what the future holds. I am lucky to have a great relationship, a wonderful family and a body that is strong and a mind that is sound. I can’t wait to have more fun-filled adventures in fitness and in life!


6 thoughts on “Triatholon Baker

  1. love2eatinpa says:

    great story, lisa! thanks for sharing.
    you sound like you totally have your head on straight when it comes to eating/your body/being active. i hope to achieve that one balance day too.

  2. Shannon Fab Fattie says:

    Very inspiring! Love what you said about the scale and it is awesome that you are accomplishing so much! AND you found the baking balance, that takes super powers you know 😉

  3. RNegade says:

    It’s so great to read Lisa’s inspiring story of transformation and discovery! I love that Lisa threw away the scale and is focusing on keeping her mind sound and body strong.

    I recently began baking exclusively with 100% whole grains, experimenting with various recipes, producing only a couple of disasters, and HAVING FUN in the kitchen! (Who knew?)

    I came up with a recipe for spicy pumpkin-apple bagels that are making my friends beg for more. It’s amazing how many of them are *eager* to walk at 5am (in the bitter cold) with me when they know there is a healthy fresh bagel and hot tea awaiting us after our walk.


    • Mish says:

      I love being able to make things which are more ‘from the earth’. They may taste different, but what I’ve noticed is that I don’t feel so ‘drudged’ afterwards.

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