6am Workout

follow by “Ben WAKE UP!!!”

I toss in bed, cursing the ground students live on. It’s four hours into my night of sleep. Why? Cause I got to open the door for a drunk girl at 2am. You try and go back to sleep!

(BANGING and repeated yelling at Ben!)

I look about, hoping it’s not my building, the one next door instead. I formulate a stern/nastry/sleep deprived e-mail in my head. The vengance enables me to drift back to sleep.

(BANGING and repeated yelling.)
I am pissed. Then a garbage truck comes. “Perfect morning. Maybe I should just stay up the whole night” I think to myself. I decided to investigate. That’s when I see them. 18 year old boys in spandex. For a moment I thought perhaps they would be hot, but then I realised that they were 18 and screaming.
I wanted to kill them.

In an OldNavy yellow and black t-shirt with no bra. Along with old purple HUGE UofP sweatpants, no shoes, no mascara, bed head, blood shot burning eyes…grabbed my keys.

Ready for WAR!

I hurry downstairs and get outside. About 50 meters away from them, they see me. In my state.

“Guys, it’s 6am in the morning, you’ve not only just woken up Ben, but you’ve woken up every single person in this block!” I sternly stated. Trying not to curse them out, because if I did there would be 50 people who heard. Really, it cause I didn’t want them to see me in my state.

“Oh, um, sorry.”

—This is why I love working with students.
I marched my bra-less, un-matching ass back upstairs and was awake. In a post-sleep deprived state that makes me aware that I am no longer 18.

Harnessing My Intuitive Self

3 thoughts on “6am Workout

  1. missyrayn says:

    When I had to deal with a seminary roommate who was 19 and would come in at 2am giggling with her friends I realized I was “old”. She didn’t understand the need for sleep until she had to get up for 8am chapel. Silly girl.

    Sorry you had to deal with this.

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