Why Does Weight Matter?

Today has been one of those days..in a good way. I woke up this morning, at 6am and then tried to go back to sleep. I am EXHAUSTED! I am honestly, tired. How I am going to get through this blog post is beyond me. I then took a morning nap, and woke up in drool. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that this is a comment occurance lately..as well as renewed love of Ricky Martin. I am even ok that he’s Gay, I just want to shake my bon-bon.

I got my sleepy ass together and went to my Clinical Nursing Skills. I am in school full-time to become a Nurse. EXCITED. Here’s my partner listening to my bowel.

Bowel sounds are amazing–I am a nerd-a-soruas..I am ok with that. Then I got my little self together to head out to a movie with some friends. I have some pretty amazing friends..I’d have to say. I am/was exhausted, but I wanted to stay out way past my bedtime (9:30pm) to hang out.

You see there is a little crush in my life right now and I am doing the BEST that I can to crush the following that pop into my mind

  • He is the type of guy that would only date pretty girls (this is my assumption)
  • I am the heaviest I have ever been and I don’t think he’d date someone fat like me
  • He probably only dates skinny girls
  • I am too full on for him

The biggest thing is that my whole personal view of myself comes from my weight. YES, I know that I’ve talked about this at agnosium before, but it’s still there. I have to be honest with you as readers—to myself—that it’s something that still has SOME power over my life.

I was chatting with my friend Nicole.

Me (with the quiver of tears coming on): But I really like him a lot. He’s different and I don’t want to mess this up. I am so scared, because I feel fat, I have the heaviest I’ve been in awhile. I just don’t think that he’ll go for me at my weight.

Nicole: Why does weight matter? You’re the happiest you’ve ever been.

The tears started streaming. WHY DOES WEIGHT MATTER? Within reason, of course, it shouldn’t matter.

So, harnessing my intuitive self means listening to my soul, letting it shine, and finding the balance with food/working out which enables me to shine.

Does weight matter to you?

Harnessing My Intuitive Self

5 thoughts on “Why Does Weight Matter?

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Weight doesn’t matter.

    I know that the best qualities about myself are the ones that have nothing to do with my physical appearance. Sometimes I forget this fact, so I made a list a few months ago. When I’m feeling down, I read the list to myself until I believe it.

  2. Denise says:

    Weight no longer matters to me on a personal and emotional level. Now, losing weight is only a matter of being able to run faster, with less impact on my joints and bones. That’s it.

    Weight no longer controls my life.

  3. Reluctant Blogger says:

    Well, yes and no. I know it shouldn’t matter and I would certainly say to anyone else that it does not. What a silly idea that it should. And yet, on a personal level it is not silly. I find it hard to be happy unless I am skinny. I truly do find that whatever my brain tells me I SHOULD feel. And if I don’t feel good about myself then I don’t exude the feel-good factor to others and lack confidence.

    So stupid.

    But I honestly don’t think that everyone likes skinnies. Most men/women look at the person, not at the weight and so, if you are happy and more importantly just being yourself, I know you will be fine. I just don’t know how to convince you of that anymore than I would be able to convince myself.

    You always look fab to me – so young and full of life. I think any man worth having would see what a fantastic person you are. If they can’t, they’re probably not good enough for you.

  4. missyrayn says:

    It shouldn’t matter and most days it doesn’t. If you don’t let it bother you and exude confidence around the guy he won’t notice.

    I felt fat when I met Hunni because I had regained about 25 pounds but Hunni didn’t even notice because he cared about me. And he didn’t really notice I lost the weight except I mentioned it to him.

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