Exposing Myself and 40,41,42 Others

One of the things which keeps drawing me back about EatingJourney (although I have taken breaks from it twice) is the Exposed Movement. This is when I did something crazy and showed the world this.

But really, why on God’s green earth would I take a picture of myself in my knickers?

Cause I was tired of

Hating my body.
Women hating their bodies
Men hating their bodies
Little girls going on diets
Little boys skipping dinner, because they wanted to be thin

I have written about what sparked the Exposed Movement here and discussed in more detail why I did itBut more, this movement is a grassroots movement that has changed my life. I am constantly inspired by people’s stories, what they’ve overcame to get to the point where they enable their bodies/souls/minds/spirit to be thrown out to the world to see.

To be honest I can’t even believe that it’s grown now to FORTY, FORTY ONE, TWO, THREE! (see below for those who have joined after I originally posted this) That’s right Steve @ 265andFalling did an Exposed post TODAY! He’s number 40! I can’t even believe it. Go show him some love and support today!!! He deserves it!

As Steve wrote today

I had never expected to actually planned on “exposing” myself on this site.  I won’t even take off my shirt at the pool, at the beach, around my family, etc…why in the hell would I reveal myself to the entire world via the internet.  But here we are, still though…

I thought that the main reason I was so hesitant to do this was because I absolutely hated and was embarrassed by my body.  The more I think about it though, I don’t really hate my body at all.  I’m not pleased with the way it looks, but its appearance isn’t really any fault of its own.  It was my mind that had done all of the damage, with its lack of self esteem and self worth, with its attempts to find comfort in food, with its lack of moderation and honestly, lack of caring, really.

I heart Steve so much, as well as the other 39 people from around the world who have jumped on the Exposed Movement bandwagon. I can’t believe it.

Even if you don’t want to blog about exposing yourself…stand in the mirror today and tell yourself three things that you admire, love, cherish, apprecaite about what your body has done for you.

Now…what were your three things?

Go on..do it!

Harnessing My Intuitive Self

Here are the other amazing people who have Exposed themselves:

  1. A Merry Life
  2. Heather from Blog To Lose
  3. Eating Journey: It started here!
  4. ExHotGirl: Body Love
  5. Fab Kate: Exposed?
  6. Head Heart Health
  7. Life w/Maggie&Ben
  8. Living Out Loud
  9. Loves To Lose
  10. MizFit Expozed
  11. Noshtopia: I’m Exposed
  12. Ron is getting healthy (another guy steps up!)
  13. Roni’s Weigh: I’ve Been Exposed
  14. The Jungle of Life (our first dude!)
  15. The Naked Truth
  16. Cranky Fitness
  17. Live_for_Love: Exposed
  18. Billy: Exposed
  19. Mandy@Staying on Course: EXPOSED: baring all for better body image
  20. Briciole Di Pane (Italian Women!)
  21. PriorFatGirl Exposed
  22. Cindy–Cancer Survivor Exposed
  23. A Warrior’s Feet and Legs
  24. Katy @ SillyTaterTot
  25. Cynthia–Here I am Exposed
  26. Josie @ YumYucky
  27. Tim–What I’ve Learned So Far
  28. MrsFatass Exposed
  29. Donna D. — Exposed
  30. Glenda — Exposed
  31. Ryan @ NoMoreBacon
  32. Greta @ BigBottomBlogger
  33. Losing Weight After 45 ‘Exposed
  34. SkinnyJeans ‘Exposed’
  35. I am a Phoenix Baby ‘Exposed’
  36. Big Girl Bombshell ‘My Life is Weighting’
  37. RealFitMama ‘Exposed
  38. Julia ‘Exposed’
  39. Kelly: Exposed
  40. Steve @265and Falling ‘Exposed’
  41. SkinnySushi ‘Exposed’
  42. FitHungryGurlAdventures ‘Exposed’
  43. Joggers Life ‘Your Girl Gets Exposed’

If you’d like to get involved, please e-mail me at: eatingjourney (at) gmail (dot) come

14 thoughts on “Exposing Myself and 40,41,42 Others

  1. Steve says:

    I am up to my eyeballs in support for deciding to participate in the Exposed movement. It’s so awesome, and you are so awesome!

    Forty people? That’s amazing.

  2. Sandra says:

    I loved this when you first started it back in October. I wasn’t feeling confident about myself then and still struggle some days but I am ready to do this.
    Thank you for starting this as it is very important for us to appreciate and love our bodies.
    You Rock Mish!

  3. Irene says:

    I am glad the list is so high. I’ve been meaning to do it since you posted in October. But thanks to Steve and MizFit, i am doing mine right now!

  4. Diana says:

    This is awesome and inspiring. Our body is definitely the most precious thing we have and it’s ALL OURS. We should learn to appreciate it more. 🙂

  5. lyn says:

    I know you saw my exposed post today, but did you see there are 4 or more other people who, in the comments, said they too will be posting pictures on their blogs? Wonderful! Thank you for starting this WONDERFUL movement!

    • Mish says:

      That is my BIGGEST fear..is that I don’t catch them all. I am like a stalker. No I didn’t see them. I will leave replys on your comments for them to let me know..I need to give them kudos. I REALLY love your post. I love them all, but I can totally relate to yours. 🙂 You’re doing amazing things.

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