Today I ran a 24:11 5km time trial in my new running group. That’s almost an 8 min/mile pace. OMG! SO amazing!

I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy and/or even do this yesterday..cause yesterday I hated exercise!!!

What I am getting at is that exercise and me have had a pretty bad realtionship in the past couple of months. I have seen exercise as the following for so long:

  • weight loss mechanism
  • punishment for over-eating
  • preventative measure for planned over-eating
  • because the whole blog world is working out
  • guilt

In my convo with Christie yesterday this is what she helped me through:

Christie: What do you mean you are really struggling with exercise?
Me: I make a huge plan and then don’t do it. I wake up, ignore it, stress out about it, then either eat my anxiety/disappointment or guilt myself into doing it.

Christie: So what would happen if you took away the rules that exist in your head about exercise and being fit?

Christie: I would encourage you to think of a mantra for when you have these thoughts that you must exercise in a way that is punishing or to lose weight. When the thoughts of calories or pushing through or whatever, I gently say my mantra. It is about moving in a way that brings me joy, whatever that is.

I developed this mantra: ‘Moving In My Faith’

I hit the pavement today during my running group. Encouraged a woman who was doubting herself to push herself. I pushed myself. I had no music, instead I had my mantra, my faith and my body. What was amazing is that I wanted to run. I wanted to prove to myself and my body that I could. Normally I would have zoned out, would have stopped running at a certain point. But my body just kept telling me to go. So I went. I listened and HONOURED! It opened my eyes to some pretty major stuff in my head…but it really opened my eyes to how POWERFUL I am.

What mantra would you create? Do you use?

Harnessing My Intuitive Self

19 thoughts on “Exercise…

  1. John says:

    Wow you killed it Mish! I would love to be able to run that fast someday. Keep it up!

    My mantra today was: it’s not going to kill me so keep running…..ran my fastest 4 miles yet. Knocking 5 minutes off.

    • Mish says:

      I love that mantra. My other one is ‘leave everything thing on the pavement’ or ‘f–k yeah’…I am known to scream those outloud when I need to 🙂

  2. Yum Yucky says:

    girl, you are KILLIN’ it on that running pace.

    This is normally the part where I would compare my inferior running pace to your awesomeness. But I’ve just learned from your new mantra, so I ain’t gonna do that. I’m freeee to be meeee!!!!

  3. missyrayn says:

    I tell myself…they say you can’t do this but you can. It reminds me that I want to be out there because I worked hard to get back at it when everyone told me I couldn’t.

  4. Sarah says:

    Go you!! That’s awesome! What’s this new running group about? Tell me more! Not that I would join….because I am a total exercise loner.

    Oh, and I have no mantra. Is that weird? Lately I suppose it’s been “rest is good for you!”. Hm. Not a very good mantra.

    • Mish says:

      It’s in Freo. It’s 95.00. Probably shouldn’t spend the money, but honestly it’s gonna keep me motivated. One of the trainers is cute..WAY too young..but that will motivate my ass to go 🙂

  5. MizFit says:

    when I saw your tweet about this I just GRINNNNNNED.

    and my mantra? during the princess half when I was running sans music and everyone else was rocking out to ipods?

    too many expletives to type—but it worked 😉

  6. Elisabeth says:

    AWESOME!!! I love hearing when people make this shift from “I have to exercise” to “I want to exercise!”

    For me, mantras are so helpful. One that has worked for me for many years is “My Mind is Stronger than My Body!” For some reason, knowing that if I have the mental strength, then I will also have the physical strength just gets me through some huge challenges. It’s the only thing that got me through my marathon!

  7. Morgan says:

    I don’t know if I would call it my mantra, but when I am jogging the last couple of intervals in my training, (which are seriously pathetic compared to what you are running) I just keep repeating to myself “Just keep going” and “I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.” I am thinking I need something jazzier, though…maybe “Suck it up loser” or “Crying is for babies.” Just kidding…kind of.

    • Mish says:

      Running is running. I remember not even being able to walk 2 miles when I was 300lbs. So you’re doing amazing and never compare to others. It’s really about the journey w/ you.

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