Food Rules…over a batch of cookies

I have thought about intuitive eating

Christie is the LOUD cheerleader in my mind everyday when I think that I can’t possibly just listen to my body. She’s amazing.

You see I was going to write a post ‘The 4 S’s’ (no Sugar, Standing while eating, Snacking on shit, Seconds)

I wanted to make up my own rules.

Then I came across this post from The Fat Nutritionist

So, in the service of that, I offer you this:

Eat food. Stuff you like. As much as you want.

With the combination of this above post and Christie it hit me:

I will no longer live in rules, I will simply ask myself ‘is this honouring my body’?

Do you live with rules? If so, what are they? If you have lived in rules, and now don’t..what made you switch?

Harnessing My Intuitive Self

19 thoughts on “Food Rules…over a batch of cookies

  1. Jenn says:

    I ask myself is this fueling my body or poisoning it? i am to the point now where I dont even have to do that because my body/mind doesnt crave the crap anymore! Check out my blog and sign up for our newsletter for 25 gentle (repeat GENTLE) shifts to amazing health. You wont be sorry Mish!

  2. Erin says:

    Rules, like resolutions, are often broken. So I try to live day-by-day making the best decisions I can. No one is perfect — I’m certainly not — and there are days when I feel awesome about my food choices and days when (like today) I realize that it wasn’t all great decisions.

    My rule? Everything in moderation. Including moderation. (sometimes, you just need a big glass of beer and a plate of onion rings)

  3. Musings of a Housewife says:

    It’s hard. I don’t care for crap. But I love the good stuff and would eat myself into oblivion if I just ate what I wanted. I have to really think about how I feel, how I will feel if I eat that, how I will feel if I eat seconds, and how I will feel in the morning if I keep nibbling. Sometimes I stop, and sometimes I don’t. But it is USUALLY good stuff. 🙂

    • Mish says:

      I think it’s such an important thing to identify those feelings. Thanks for reminding us all of that, cause it’s important.

  4. Rob Dyess says:

    For the most part I am a “moderation” type guy- I have very few rules- I just try to watch what I am doing… you know, be self aware.

    However, I have one rule that I just CAN NOT break…. no pizza buffets.

    That’s it… if I can keep that one, I’m good.


  5. Pam says:

    I had a rules/guilt/workout obsession, 3 years ago I decided to try another way.

    I started to listen to the kind intuitive voice in my head and the punitive one slowly went away. And so did the head games and weight, it took years to learn to be kind to myself but was so worth it!

    Have you read any of Geneen Roth’s books? I wish you the best and think you’re wonderful!

    • Mish says:

      I LOVE this. I was just baking and I could feel the binger come back. Instead of going ‘now you’ve blown it -or- you can start tomorrow -or- I can’t believe that you’re doing this to yourself’ I stopped and simply asked myself ‘Is this honouring your health? That was so much more powerful for me.

    • Mish says:

      I haven’t heard of those books (there’s so many good ones). But oh my heavens have I lived that cycle. Breaking it is hard, but I KNOW that it’s gonna be bliss.

  6. karen says:

    The only rule I’ve been able to stick to is the whole “no gluten” one … and even that has had it’s uncomfortable slip from time to time. I have two books that I’m waiting to dive into on mindful eating. Why am I waiting? Simply because I keep forgetting to bring either one to work with me and work is where I tend to be able to get my reading done. When I get home today the first thing I’m going to do is put one in my bag for tomorrow.

  7. Jenn says:

    There is only one rule I stick to and have for over two years. No refined sugar. I don’t do it for weight reasons I do it for mental reasons. I was a major addict and it was trashing my self-esteem. Finally I said enough was enough and I quit cold turkey. I tried moderation and desperately wanted to be able to do moderation but realized it was actually EASIER to just set a strict rule than to try and eat refined sugar in moderation. Everything else like pizza, nachos, fish and chips, ect, I eat ever so often (sometimes more often that I would like). 😉

    • Mish says:

      To be honest…that’s probably something that I will adopt. More from the ‘this doesn’t honour my body’…cause it doesn’t. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  8. moonduster (Becky) says:

    I am trying to find the intuitive eating that can work for me. At almost 140 lbs lost, I am already where I want to be with my weight, but my head is still not where it should be. I don’t want my whole life to be about maintaining my weight.

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