Announcement: Fight To The Finish

I am not a man…I promise

Based on my cliff hanger of a post yesterday: What did you think: I found a man? Was Prego? Was writing a book? Leaving my blog again :)? Moving back to the states?

Yeah, I found a man, a man to take down, a man to lose weight for, a man who thinks he’s better than me, a man who has NO idea what he’s getting himself into.

You see, twitter can get you in trouble. So can getting naked.

You see both Ryan and I know what it’s like to get Exposed (Ryan’s, Mine) for the whole world to see. But Ryan, just couldn’t stop showing off his guns and decided to post his progress picture. As I was stuffing a brownie or two in my face I thought..humm..Ryan has 40lbs to his goal. I have 30lbs to mine.

I am going to challenge him.

I think it’s only fair, cause every single man in the blog world loses a million pounds a week, and I am lucky if I lose 1. πŸ™‚

So I challenged him, to a competition. Who could do it…who could FINISH FIRST! He maybe the hare, but I like to think of myself as the tortoise.

Now..the nitty gritty.

‘Fight to the Finish’

When: Tuesday April 20th-Tuesday June 1st
Weigh-in Postings: Every Wednesday
Goals: Ryan: 225lbs, Mish 170lbs
Measurement of Success: Largest % chunk lost per week (ie Ryan losses 8% of his remaining goal weight and I lose 3%, he wins)
End Success: Largest overall % of goal weight difference achieved at the end of six weeks

Now, this is between Ryan and I…initially. We talked about have an open competition….but we didn’t want y’all to stress out.

BUT, if you’d like to join in please do. You can post, on the official launch–Wednesday April 21st, what your starting weight is, what you goal weight is. Each week you can post on the FtotheF post and add the percentage lost that you’ve done for that week.

You will have noticed a new tab this weekend. I will start on Saturday documenting what I eat, my exercise and my feelings for the day. You see this isn’t just about losing weight. FOR ME, it’s about GAINING self-esteem, intuitive depth, and an appreciation for what I REALLY want out of life. Not what my mental chatter says I can’t do, rather what I know inside of me I can do.

This is about Fighting to the Finish. Blasting through the cookies, negative self-talk, brownies screaming at you, lead/lactic acid legs, and all the ‘start overs’ that have plagued so many of us.

So…that’s right…Ryan and I areΒ  gonna ‘Fight to the Finish’

And I am going to WIN!!!

11 thoughts on “Announcement: Fight To The Finish

  1. Donna says:

    WOOOOHOOOO! I LOVE it!!!! I may grow a pair and join you. I need a little kick up the arse and this just might do it. Love ya both so it’s hard to pick a fave, but want to give you my support.

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