Fight to the Finish, Week 1, ‘Ready for War’

Today is the day, when Fight to the Finish BEGINS!!!!

Just a simple reminder of what Fight to the Finish is!!!

‘Fight to the Finish’

When: Tuesday April 20th-Tuesday June 1st
Weigh-in Postings: Every Wednesday
Goals: Ryan: 225lbs, Mish 170lbs
Measurement of Success: Largest % chunk lost per week (ie Ryan losses 8% of his remaining goal weight and I lose 3%, he wins)
End Success: Largest overall % of goal weight difference achieved at the end of six weeks

You see I am taking on Ryan from NoMoreBacon is this six week challenge. At the very basic it’s a weight loss ‘competition’ of sorts. However, more though it’s the first time in 1 1/2 years when I have thought to myself, I am READY to no longer be carrying this extra weight.

As I have talked about this week, I have to dig deep for this, cause I am losing weight this time for ME. No diet plan, no man, no outside pressure. For the shear joy of myself..and the hot ass jeans that I once got into. You watch, my ass is gonna be sprung.

Now…wanna join in? We talked about opening this up for everyone..and you know what…you can join in.
We’d love to have you ‘Fight to the Finish‘ as well. If you’d like to join in….

  • Tell me in the comments below that you’re in
  • You can check back in each week with the percentage lost from your current (ie today’s weight) to next weeks weigh-in.

Anyways, I am doing this because DAMN IT…us women sloth away at losing weight and the men seem to be melting it off (ok, that might be an understatement). But I admire the heck out of Ryan for his amazing progress and I shall not forget how far I’ve come.


Start Weight: 90.2kg/198.4lbs
End Goal Weight: 77kg/169.0lbs

You can follow my daily eats, exercise and thoughts on the Fight to the Finish Tab!!!!

That’s right, me and my guns are ready for war!!!! (post my 40 minute run, which was BLISS!!!)


Harnessing My Intuitive Self

15 thoughts on “Fight to the Finish, Week 1, ‘Ready for War’

  1. Karena says:

    Good for you! Methinks a little competitiveness is just what you’ve been needing to help kick it up a notch. Oh, and I lOVE that picture.

  2. Helen says:

    You know what? I happened to weigh myself today – unusual for me because generally if I weigh more than 1x a week (Friday) it messes with my head. But I woke up feeling fat, bloated, miserable so I took the walk of death. Maybe if I join you guys, then it will light a much needed fire under my butt. Starting weight this morning, 180.2. (In the future I’ll do a photo weigh in.) Let’s do this!

  3. Jack says:

    Ok, girl. I’m in! For no other reason then wanting to see you, and me kick Ryan’s butt! Ok well I really want us all to do good.

    Name: Jack
    Starting weight: 175.4
    Goal weight : 165

  4. jen (@jeninRL) says:

    I weighed in today like normal and finally have a loss to post after 3 weeks of gains. I usually go for a stretch of losses then a stretch of gains….I need to break that cycle!

    I am so IN!!

    Ya know how I love a good challenge!

    I will blog later but my starting weight is 189.8


  5. Lara (Thinspired) says:

    I am so pumped for you both! Can I just say, your arms look amazingly toned right now. I have been looking at your recent photos thinking, “Where is she hiding these 198 lbs?!” I can only imagine how smokin’ you’re going to look and feel at 169!

    • Mish says:

      I carry my weight SO well, people are always floored when they learn my weight. I guess it’s good and bad really. And yes, I did look at that picture and think….wow my arms look awesome. I actually thought that…small, little, victories. 🙂

  6. Marlena says:

    I read about all these great challenges on other people’s blogs & think to myself, “Oh yeah!! I’m gonna do this one!!” Then I don’t. Or start for a day or two, then quit.

    BUT……..I feel like I really NEED to do this one!! And by posting my weight I feel like I’m committed & that I HAVE to check-in with you every week.


    I’m at the top of my WW goal (goal is 160) but I’m not happy here. I feel really good between 155-158. I don’t know if it’s just a mental game that I feel better or if I physically feel better. I know my clothes feel a lot better when I’m in the lower range. It doesn’t seem like a big difference compared to other participants’ goals but I’ve already lost 65 lbs, so those extra pounds are gonna be difficult to get off, I’m thinking. I’ve put on a few pounds over the last few months & I’m soooo over it!

    Anyway….SORRY for taking up so much space! I’m with ya!!!

    • Mish says:

      Welcome to the challenge. Remember this isn’t about you and anyone else. It’s about fighting through those last mental hurdles. WOOT!

  7. Shannon says:

    Woo hoo to you as well! Just left Ryan’s and told him he better be nice to you cuz I love ya! Same goes for you because I love Ryan too 😉 LOL
    How fun and if I did not think I would lose my mind I would so join you.
    Will be watching and cheering you all on!

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