How I Impact My Kids: ‘Do As I Say, Not As I Do’ ~Hollie

The other week, I was thinking checking out to see how as linked through my blog and I came across a comment form Hollie. I went and read her blog and KNEW that I had to ask people to write about ‘Me, My Family & Food’. For many, the core issue is how their family has impacted them in their dieting/food/body image issues etc.. I know that it has mine.

More though, this week is about highlighting not only stories of people dealing with family and food…but also how their current changes are impacting those around them. I hope that this mini-series begins to open up some doors from your past, unwind some old belief patterns and make you aware that indeed you can impact those around you.



How I Impact My Kids: ‘Do as I say, not as I do…” ~Hollie@Skinny Hollie

Up until a few weeks ago, that was my philosophy when it came to teaching my kids about what to eat and how to be active. In theory, I “know” how to eat right and exercise, but in practice… well, I need work! I don’t always set the best example…

I TELL my kids that sugar is bad for you, but I binge on candy and donuts in front of them.
I TELL my kids that they need to drink more water, but I drink soda or iced tea.
I TELL my kids to get outside and play because exercise is good for them, but they see me sitting on the couch with my laptop when I have free time.

What am I REALLY teaching them?
How do MY choices impact them?

My oldest daughter, who is 12, is overweight. Over the past few months, I have noticed that she is just getting bigger and bigger. She is so beautiful, and it pains me to see her go down a road that will cause her pain and hurt, and will most likely lead to health problems in the future. Recently, we were in the mall and my children (I have three of ‘em!) wanted to jump on a bungee – type thing. The weight limit was 200 lbs, and when the man made my daughter weigh-in because he knew she might be close, she came in at 199.5 lbs. It was like cold water being splashed in my face.

I did this to her. Yes, I tell her to eat healthy food. I limit her portions and monitor what she eats at home. But watching ME make poor food choices and live a sedentary lifestyle for so many years had set such a bad example. Even over the last five years where I have been making a conscious effort to eat better and lose weight, she has still watched me binge on bad food and fail at diet after diet. I had to make a choice… do I want to continue set a bad example, or do I want to teach ALL of my children healthy habits that will last a lifetime? I choose health!

I have transformed my kitchen. All processed food and unhealthy snacks (chips, candy, cookies, etc) are no longer a temptation because they aren’t there! I make well-balanced meals at home so there is no need to go through the drive-thru. On busy nights, we are now having sandwiches or something else quick we can make at home. Instead of Pop-tarts, my children now snack on fruit. And the most major change in our house is that instead of eating school lunch, we are ALL now packing our own healthy lunch from home! And guess what? My children LOVE these changes! They love going with me to the grocery and choosing healthy foods.

It’s amazing how much energy they have now. They all are performing better at soccer. We have been walking and riding our bikes together in the evenings. Small changes are making an amazing impact on my family. These changes are not only helping all of us become healthy, but will ultimately help me in my own weight loss struggles. I am not just accountable to myself, but accountable to the three people that matter the most in my life, my kids!

I can lead my children in the direction of health, or I can lead them to a life of obesity. I want my impact to be positive. It is up to ME to make the changes and to set the RIGHT example. One step at a time…

~SkinnyHollie (weight loss blog)
(new blog about my family’s journey to a health)

What are you thoughts? How do you raise your kids? How do your eating habits impact those little ones around you?

23 thoughts on “How I Impact My Kids: ‘Do As I Say, Not As I Do’ ~Hollie

  1. FLG says:

    This is awesome. Truly awesome. I think about having kids one day and wanting them to be healthy and happy. Not only passing on good healthy physical habits, but good mental habits too.

    Thank you for showing it’s possible 🙂

  2. Erin says:

    This is an incredible story. It’s truly parents who make a difference and can change the way their kids view food. You’re going to mimic the habits you see at home, healthy or unhealthy. Awesome job, Hollie!

  3. Karen (KCLAnderson) says:

    You rock Hollie!! And if I may be so bold, can I add something to the list of things to model for your daughter? Forgiving yourself and being gentle with yourself…loving and accepting yourself and your body no matter what size it is. It’s a key element in a healthy lifestyle and will make her feel good about herself as she grows and matures. So in addition to admiring and praising your children for their acheivements, make sure you admire and praise yourself! Sincerely!

  4. RNegade says:

    What a beautiful group photo! Hollie, your daughter is lovely exactly the way she is right now. In a better world, she would be on the cover of a beauty magazine…our culture has some pretty warped values about what and who is beautiful. As for health, well I think staying active and enjoying movement (sports, dance, whatever strikes one’s fancy) is more important than food monitoring. But that’s just me.

    I used to blame my mom for the fact that I got fat (yep, I was young and ornery) because we only had super healthy food in the house. Everything whole grain, all natural…poor mom, she tried her best. When I left home I hit the world of HFcorn syrup and there was no stopping me. 🙂 Even when I lived at home I would sneak out to the local candy store and score a stash. LOL.

    Thanks for a sweet peek at a cool mom & family!

  5. Lyn says:

    Very cool. I love what Hollie is doing with her family… the long term effects will be with those kids for the rest of their lives!

  6. Debbie Lowe says:

    I think this is great that Hollie is trying to get her kids to eat healthier. I am doing the same thing with my husband. We are eating more grilled food and veggies..

  7. Rita says:

    Wonderful. Just great. My daughter (3yo) taught me a valuable lesson, to just shut up about it and do it.

    She doesn’t hear a word I say but sees everything. So I stopped talking and started doing. She now eats spinach and likes to go for runs with mommie. That’s all the proof I needed.

    Great job!

  8. Jenn @ The Fresh Food Family says:

    I think you’re doing a terrific job, Hollie! It’s hard with kids – we want them to be happy, but we also know that sometimes the things we do may not immediately make them happy, but are the best for them in the long run.

  9. Sylvia says:

    How true!! This post brought tears to my eyes because I identify with it big time. My kids (especially my 8 year old daughter) is following into my footsteps and it’s not ok. I need to stop talking and start doing (like Rita above me said). Love this post…thanks!

  10. missyrayn says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. My mom had a lot of the same habits and it led to me gaining. I’m sure your children will appreciate your changes and how much happier it will make your family.

  11. Mad Woman says:

    What an awesome post! I have been doing the same thing with my kids and then wondering why they are gaining weight. We aren’t at “uh oh” time yet with either of them but it won’t be long.

    Clearly it is time for many of us to walk the talk.

    Thanks Hollie! (Now I’m off to check out your blog!)

  12. Skye says:

    What a touching post Hollie! In more ways than one! You really touched home with me. For years now, I’ve been praying that my daughter doesn’t have to suffer with her weight like I have. Thank you for making me realize that I need to do more than just pray. I need to lead her by example!

    I know I’ve told you before, but once again, you have a beautiful family! They are truly blessed to have such a wonderful mother! Keep up the great job Hollie!

  13. Amy Dawson says:

    Good for you! I’m so glad you are doing this. We all face the same thing … being a good role model for our children who are absorbing everything we say AND DO!

    If you’d like some lunch ideas (and to add some of your own favorites and let us calculate nutrition) check out my website at
    There are lots of ideas, most without wrappers – and check out the blog part too for lots of different thoughts : ) Amy

  14. Danielle says:

    You go girl! Everything that you are doing is ensuring your children have a brighter future! I am posting about this on my new blog. Come check it out when you get the chance 🙂

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