Week 2: Fight to the Finish ‘Bring IT!’

This week is brought to you by the phrase ‘BRING IT’

Throughout the past week Ryan and I have spared nothing but the best of fighting words on twitter.

You see, I was scared out of my gourd to take on a man in a weight loss competition. What was I thinking? Men lose weight about 300x faster then women. I don’t want babies, I don’t need the inner thigh fat, hip fat…ok I’ll keep the boobs.

But really, I was scared.

It took a lot out of me this week not to become obsessive about wanting to get ‘thin’ and becoming addicted to the scale again.

I dug deep and decided that I was going to focus on eating healthy and exercise. Even when I went for a run this weekend and my mascara made me look like I had been bawling my brains out..I still ran.

don’t wear mascara and then run. it’s a STUPID eye-burning idea.

I was ok with tracking my food on my Fight to the Finish tab, but I kept up on the emotions/exercise.

So..did it pay off?

Last week: 90.2kg/198.44lbs
This week: 88.6kg/194.9lbs
Total loss: 1.6kg/3.52lbs
Ultimate Goal: 77kg/169lbs
Need to lose from start weight of 90.2kg: 13.2kg/29lbs
13.2kg-1.6kg=11.6kg left to lose


Percentage of my ‘need to lose’ that I lost this week: (1.6/13.2)x100= 12%

I LOST 12% OF WHAT I NEED TO LOSE. ARE YOU F-ING KIDDING ME. I want to run around naked..jk.


Harnessing My Badass Self

14 thoughts on “Week 2: Fight to the Finish ‘Bring IT!’

  1. Lindsey @ Sound Eats says:

    Congratulations to you and your bad ass self! 😉 That’s awesome! 🙂

    It’s amazing what honoring and appreciating our bodies through healthy exercise and eats can do, isn’t it? 🙂

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