So..yeah..about that..weight loss…

What if I told you that since Tuesday, when I weighed in, and lost 3.52lbs I have been shoving food in my face.

I deserve it
I need it
I am stressed about school, I want to be perfect
I need to be honest with someone, but I can’t yet
I can’t believe that I actually lost weight by listening to my body
It must be beginners luck
It’s a fluke
He’ll win in the long run
I could have lost more
I need to keep losing heaps, cause I want to be thin again
I was GOOD this past week, I need those


I just want to say/write that indeed I am not immune. But you know what? The food shoving, hasn’t been a full blown binge. I am NOT honoring my body with food choices and I know that.

I am not making wide-over-arching promises.

I am just saying, I slipped and fell. It’s mile 2 of the marathon.

See you at the Finish Line.

How do you get your healthy living mojo back?

Harnessing My Intuitive Self

15 thoughts on “So..yeah..about that..weight loss…

  1. love2eatinpa says:

    “it’s mile 2 of the marathon” – love that!
    slow and steady wins the race. everyone slips and falls. brush yourself off and get back into the race.

  2. JourneyBeyondSurvival says:

    I get back up and do it again. And again and again.

    And I try to remember that if it’s a slip, a fall or a full blown binge, the best way for me to deal with it is to purge it through a confessional post. Blogging has been the best way for me to do it differently.

    And it seems a healthy way for me to deal with what I haven’t been my whole life.


  3. Elisabeth says:

    You slip, you fall, you get back up. =)

    Honestly, I have periods where I don’t make the best choices. My life has been very stressful lately, and I haven’t taken enough time out to relax…breathe…enjoy life…take a walk…focus on ME. That equates to at least a box of Girl Scout Cookie and a bag of kettle corn per week (in addition to other less-than-stellar for my body choices).

    Amid all of the stress, I resorted to using calorie counting again. Not to obsess…just to keep an eye on what is going into my mouth…for the sake of my mind.

  4. Jess says:

    You slipped, but you didn’t fall. So you kind of got sidetracked on the marathon, instead of running straight, you’re zigzagging, but the important thing is you’re still moving forward.

    That loss is AWESOME. Take it for what it is, don’t over-analyze, and even though you’re competing with Ryan, it ultimately is a competition with yourself (which is why it’s so difficult!)

    As for wanting to be perfect, Mische, if you were perfect, nobody would want to read your blog. It’s because you share your imperfections, your insecurities, and your weaknesses that makes you grow and allows people to relate. So don’t worry about being perfect. Focus on being the best Mische you can be.

  5. Megan @ Healthy Hoggin says:

    It doesn’t matter how many times you slip– it’s how many times you get back up!!

    I’ve been having major urges to fall off the wagon lately, but I just try to keep reminding myself that it will be JUST AS HARD tomorrow, so why put it off another day? Weight loss is hard! But it gets easier the longer you stay consistent, so that’s my goal for now. I’m trying to keep my head down and push through the cravings!

    It helps me to think through the craving, too. I imagine that I’m eating the cookie/pizza/ice cream… whatever I’m craving. Then I try to picture what I would do next. Would I eat a healthy meal right afterward? Probably not. I’d probably keep eating badly for the rest of the day, and perhaps the rest of the week. Imagining the consequences of my actions sometimes helps prevent me from falling off track!

    And, sometimes that doesn’t work and I just go ahead and eat whatever I’m craving. No one’s perfect, and sometimes you just need to relax the rules!

  6. RNegade says:

    Off Topic Comment Warning

    I know your post today was about something important, but I just gotta say what’s been on my mind for awhile:

    You have great hair.

  7. says:

    Well as of late I am very self aware.

    I had an eating outside of hunger attack the other evening. I stopped at one point and asked myself what was going on with the eating frenzy. After I figured out that it was a series of bad choices that led to an all out carb fest I put a stop to it. To break the cycle I went and worked out for 45 minutes.

    I blogged about it the next day and felt better about it, just getting it out there in the open.

    I planned out a real meal and got back on track.

  8. Lisa @ bakebikeblog says:

    You said it – its only mile 2 of the marathon. Keep the bigger picture in mind 🙂 A few days ‘off’ will not compare to the lifestyle choices that you are making. Keep your head up girl 🙂

  9. Helen says:

    Well, I lost only .2 and have been fighting with all my might all freaking day. I deserve it, I’m so tired, no one cares if I lose weight anyway – especially not on blogland, besides, I CAN START TOMORROW. I feel you Mish, I really do.

    Get up, dust yourself off, stop whatever it is you’re doing right now, FORGIVE whatever you need to and move on.

  10. RunningLarge says:

    Mische it sounds like you’re doing great. Making better choices. Preparing for when you’re going to make more great choices.

    The mojo? It comes and goes. But like starting, it’s about having it come more than it goes.

  11. John says:

    I just try not to beat myself up because like you said we all slip up. I’ve come too far to let my slip more than a day.

  12. Hal says:

    One thing I noticed when I slip is that there is a small silver lining. My body realizes that I don’t need extra food. Last night, for example, I ate a *whole pizza* (and broke up with the boyfriend… hence the pizza… and some wine). Today, I really haven’t been hungry much. My body has figured it out. I’m not proud of going all out on a defenseless pizza, but the recovery is kind of special. I realize that I’m still making progress, event though I had a minor setback. And that kind of progress is motivating.

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